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Visit the Kuthar Fort


Kuthar Fort is also popularly known as Tikkari Fort. This fort was built in the 17th century by the Gurkha kings. After the decline of the Gurkhas, it came to control under Rana dynasty of Kuthar region. It has great historical significance, in the past many great wars and battles were fought here.

The Kuthar Fort has architectural designs comprising of both Rajput and Mughal style. It has strong stone walls, complexly carved wooden doors and great defense area to protect against its enemy. The fort has a central palace area, many chambers and courtyards.

When you will visit Kuthar Fort, the entrance comprises of a big wooden door, welcoming you to the inside of the fort. As you enter inside the fort you will see residential quarters, durbar, temples and many chambers at the basement. This fort lets you travel to past, you will be fascinated by its history, and all the important sections are explained in brief in a signboard.

The best part of Kuthar Fort is its scenic views, from the top of the fort you will love to see the view of the entire valley, the majestic mountains in the distant, the forests, the green valley, the quaint villages and more.

When you visit Kuthar Fort, get engrossed in the beauty of the fort, its location, its culture, history and more. Get to know more about the rulers who ruled this region and stayed in this fort, their lifestyle and how they have contributed in forming the history of this region.

A visit to Kuthar Fort is a must, it will surely captivate you with its engaging historical past, the stories it has to share, the cultural experience, the architectural design, the landscape of the region and more. Explorers will surely love this place, whether he is a history lover, photographer or vacationer, will get engaged in this fort.

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Visit the Kuthar Fort

Best Time to Visit Kuthar Fort

The best time to visit Kuthar fort is during the months from April to June. During this time period the climate is simply perfect to walk around and explore the fort.

Entry Fee of Kuthar Fort, Shimla:

  1. INR 10/- per person for adults
  2. INR 5/- per person for children
  3. INR 100/- per person for foreigners

Timings of Kuthar Fort, Shimla: It is open from Monday to Sunday, 8.00 am to 6.00 pm

Kuthar Fort Shimla Address: Krishangarh kuthar, SH 9, Kuthar, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, 173206, India

How to Reach Kuthar Fort, Shimla?

Kuthar Fort is located 50 km away from Shimla in Solan district in Himachal Pradesh. You can either take a taxi or hire a cab from Shimla. You can also travel by state and private buses to Kuthar and after that take a private taxi or cab.

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