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Explore Apple Orchards in Shimla


Shimla is not only famous for its scenic landscape, but it is also popular for apple orchards. These stunning orchards are spread across in some of the valleys of the region offering breathtaking views. The best time to get a glimpse of these beautiful apple orchards is in the months from July to October.

The best apple orchards located in Shimla are Mashobra, Thanedar, Kotgarh and Rohru. These regions are popular for their fertile soil and favorable conditions required for apple cultivation, hence making it the ideal spot to cultivate apples. Farmers in these regions have been growing apples for many generations now. In fact it is one of the best sources of income for people staying in these regions.

Tourists visiting Shimla can explore the apple orchards, this is one of the must do activities when in Shimla. It is surely going to provide you a unique experience, only you can experience in the Himalayan regions. During the apple season, as the trees bear fruit, you will be spellbound to see the vibrant red colors of the apples, hence an enjoyable sight for the nature lovers.

Many apple orchards in Shimla also let you engage in apple picking activities. Truly, an exciting activity right? Enjoy picking apples and afterwards check out the apple jams, pickles and cider available in the stalls of the orchards garden.

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Explore Apple Orchards in Shimla

Mashobra Apple Orchards

Mashobra Apple Orchards lets you experience true tranquility and peace in the enthralling mountain slopes, green valleys, verdant meadows, scenic landscape and more. Surrounded by trees like pine, oak and deodar, you are surely going to enjoy here. It’s a faraway from the crowded places and you are simply going to enjoy.

Mashobra Apple Orchards is one of the best hidden places in Shimla, every tourist must visit when they are here. In fact Mashobra Apple Orchards is famous as the largest Apple Estates of India. This apple orchard is located at an altitude of 7700 feet. It is also home to number of flora and fauna. Tourists must definitely visit this wonderful place.

Thanedhar Apple Orchards

Thanedhar Apple Orchards takes around 3-4 hours to reach from Shimla, if you travel through Narkanda. As you drive through this route you will be welcomed by charming apple gardens, the apples may be green or red depending upon their stage of ripening.

Kotagrah Apple Orchards

Kotagrah Apple Orchards are located 82 km away from Shimla, if you drive Naldehra. As you take this apple route you will be welcomed by the lush green valley’s covered with apple trees.  Tourists will be mesmerized by the views. It is one of the hidden gems of Shimla and a must visit tourist spot.

Best Time to Visit Apple Orchards in Shimla

The best time the apple orchards in Shimla is during the month of from September when the apple trees have fruit bearing trees, the apples can be either red or green depending on their ripening stage.

How to Reach?

Thanedhar Apple Orchards are only 3-4 hours drive from Shimla through the Narkanda route.

Kotagrah Apple Orchards is around 82 km from Shimla though the Naldehra route and take a few hours as it is quite far and the roads are winding with sharp turns.

Mashobra Apple Orchards are only 9.2 km away from Shimla and takes only 36 minutes to reach.

Things To Do In Shimla

Settled between the charming backdrops of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla stands proudly as the capital of the state. It is blessed with plentiful greenery; dramatic peaks, attractive viewpoints, colonial era architectural buildings, lively culture, old traditions, and warm and friendly locals. Here is a list of the things to do in Shimla:

Best Place To Visit In Shimla

With the best Shimla tour packages available, vacationers on a quest for budget-friendly options in India can seize the chance to escape the summer heat. Tailored to their preferences, these packages provide convenient transportation, pick-up and drop-off services, popular tourist spots, meals, breakfast, and more. Below are some of the best places in Shimla:
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