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Skiing in Winter in Kufri


There is no better place to visit in the winters to discover the snow, than Himachal Pradesh. When it snows in the winters, the land is covered with snow, the trees are covered with snow, and everything around here turns white.

And during this time in Himachal Pradesh you can enjoy skiing to the fullest. Himachal Pradesh has some of the best slopes for skiing and Kufri is one of them. It is in fact an adventure destination in the winters. 

Kufri is situated only 15 km away from Shimla city center. This place is famous for skiing in the winters. It in fact becomes a paradise center for the ski lovers. If you are in Shimla, do visit Kufri it is the best spot for enjoying skiing in the foothills of the great Himalayan hills. 

Even in the winters, you can see that the deodar, pine and oak trees remains green, so watching snowfall on them is truly a magical experience. Even during the harsh winter conditions these trees remain green. 

Did you know? Kufri is in fact the winter adventure center in Shimla. It attracts each and every traveler who wishes to see the snow covered mountains and want to enjoy some winter activities. From the first snowfall to the last, it is crowded with tourists who loves to enjoy skiing. The high towering hills, the snow covered land makes it the perfect spot for skiing.

Kufri is the oldest place in India for skiing activities. Every hill slope that is safe and covered with dense snow is considered the perfect spot for skiing. There are many spots in Kufri that offer a mesmerizing skiing experience.

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Skiing in winter in Kufri

Where to Enjoy Skiing in Kufri?

If you want to enjoy skiing in Kufri, you should visit Kurfi Fun World, which is located at the top of the Mahashu peak in Kufri. The Kurfi Fun World is an amusement park which offers different other fun activities like swinging boat. Your adventure to Kurfi Fun World starts from the start point of the park, you have to either trek or take a mule. Most people prefer to take a mule to get inside the park.

Best Time for Skiing in Kufri

The best time for enjoying skiing in Kufri is from December to February. During these months, Kufri becomes the perfect spot for skiing with snow covered hill tops. 

16 km from Shimla, the place which was known as a small pond, according to its name, today has been developed into a beautiful and adventurous tourist destination. Tourists swarm to the place for getting a fun filled skiing experience.

How To Reach Kufri?

Kufri is only 15 km away from Shimla. You can easily reach Kufri by a taxi, or local bus. The convenient way is to hire a taxi to visit the places around Kufri according to your convenience.

The nearest airport to Kufri is Jubbarhatti near Shimla. The nearest railway station is Shimla toy train railway station. You will get trains to Shimla from Kalka railway station, the train route is the famous Kalka-Shimla-toy train route.

Things To Do In Shimla

Settled between the charming backdrops of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla stands proudly as the capital of the state. It is blessed with plentiful greenery; dramatic peaks, attractive viewpoints, colonial era architectural buildings, lively culture, old traditions, and warm and friendly locals. Here is a list of the things to do in Shimla:

Best Place To Visit In Shimla

With the best Shimla tour packages available, vacationers on a quest for budget-friendly options in India can seize the chance to escape the summer heat. Tailored to their preferences, these packages provide convenient transportation, pick-up and drop-off services, popular tourist spots, meals, breakfast, and more. Below are some of the best places in Shimla:
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