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Visit The Golfing at Naldehra in Shimla


If you did not know, there is a beautiful golf course in Naldhera, it is in fact a historic golf course founded during the British era. The Naldehra Golf Course was actually founded by Lord Curzon in 1905. At the start this golf course had only 18 holes. This golf course is quite challenging and only experienced golfers will be able to hit the spots.

The golf course is surrounded by mesmerizing beautiful thick forests, offers charming views of the snow covered mountains in the distant, the verdant valleys and more. While playing golf, you will love enjoying the scenic views that this majestic golf course has to offer, a true unique golfing experience in the hills.

With its 18 holes, each shot you play is a whole overwhelming experience, its like trying to conquer the beautiful surrounding nature.

The rising and falling terrain, the bunkers that are placed, offers a different golfing experience. As you keep playing your shots, and keep exploring the golf course, you will be welcomed by its enchanting beauty, the snow covered mountains in the distant, the beautiful thick pine trees, all make the place more charming that relaxes your senses.

The golf course is not only a golfing area, but a heaven of greens and peace. The pathways are well maintained, the pleasant mountain breeze, the tall deodar and pine trees some of which are very old, the slight sun rays on the green golf course, all offer a serene environment.

The Naldehra Golf Course not only offers great golfing experience with scenic views, but it provides us a picture of history and nature together. Build during the British era, its old colonial style architectural style can still be seen the clubhouse, which takes us back to time, when this land was first discovered and became a golfing heaven today. As the years passed by, this golf course had many renovations and since then it has been maintained, this is why you can sense its glory till today.

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Golfing at Naldehra in Shimla

Accommodation and Lodging in Naldehra Golf Course

If you want to play in Naldehra Golf Course, there is a daily fee or temporary fee, and annual membership fee. This golf course is under the control of Himachal Tourism, who is responsible for maintaining the golf course. All the equipments available in this golf course are on rent, you can get one, after paying a certain entry fees to the golf course. Also, within the vicinity you will luxury stay with delicious food.

Best time to Visit Naldehra

The best time to visit Naldehra is from March to June. During this period the weather is pleasant to enjoy outdoor activities.

Best Time to Visit Naldehra Golf Course

The best time to visit Naldehra is from April to November, it remains open during these months as the weather is quite pleasant.

How to Reach the Naldehra?

By Air: Jubbarhatti Airport in Shimla is the nearest airport to Naldehra, it is around 44 km away. This airport is well connected to major places like Delhi and Mumbai. From here you can take a taxi or a local bus.

By Rail: Kalka Railway Station is the closes railway station to Naldehra which is around 112 km away. From here you can take state or private buses and taxis to go to Naldehra.

By Road: Naldehra is 22.6 km away from Shimla and it is well-connected by road. State and private buses and taxis are available to go to Naldehra from Shimla, it takes around 1 hour.

Timings to Visit Naldehra Gold Course:

Monday to Sunday, 6.00 AM to 7.00 PM

Entry Fees to Visit Naldehra Gold Course:

INR 1000/- per person approximately

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