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About The Cycling Tour in the Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary


One of the best activities in Shimla is the cycling tour that takes place in the Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary, the Churdhar Sanctuary in Shimla. This area is filled with natural beauty and old colonial aura of the past. The Churdhar Sanctuary is located close to Shimla and it is easy to reach.

Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary is filled with breathtaking views of the mountains, dense forest, lush green forest, varied wild animals like leopards, musk deer and the Himalayan black bears.

The Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary cycling tour takes you through the verdant foliage of the forest, the pine trees, the charming apple orchards and the small villages of the locals located on the hill slopes. Here if you are tired cycling you have the option of relaxing in one of the local restaurants and cafes and enjoying some tea or juice or local cuisines for meals.

The Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary also provides hiking trips during the day time. The hikers have the chance to walk through the trails of the dense forest covered with pine trees and shrubs. The hiking trail starts from the entry of the gate; it is a 7 km hike and lets you get a glimpse of Seog in the distant. Why not get closer to nature and have a rejuvenating experience.

But if you don’t like hiking, this cycling tour in the Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary is the best option to explore the beauty of Himachal up close without getting tired. In order to cycle around this sanctuary, you will have to rent a cycle and take a permit from the reception area located at the entry of the gate.

It is strongly suggested that you should take a forest guard with you who can guide you and protect you from the wild animals, as this sanctuary has leopards, and Himalayan wild bears.

During your trip to Shimla, do visit this famous tourists spot as it takes you closer to nature and lets you have some adventurous time. Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary offers you a unique cycling experience through the forested trails. Just remember to be safe, respect nature and take a forest guard with you.

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Cycling tour in the Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary

Best Place for Cycling tour in Shimla: Churdhar Sanctuary Wildlife Sanctuary/ Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary

Duration needed for cycling: 4 hours

Days Closed: Monday

Days Open: Tuesday to Sunday: 10Am to 4PM

ID card required: Yes ID card required for entry to the Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary

Adventure Level: Moderate to Expert

Forest trail starting cost per person: Depends on the rent charges

Entry Ticket: Rs.50

Cycle Rental Fee: Rs.250

Best time to do cycling in Shimla: Summer season

How to Reach Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary?

To reach the Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary is very easy; just take a local transport from Shimla bus stand to Sanjauli. To reach Sanjauli from Shimla, it will take around 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Once you reach Sanjauli, walk a few distant towards Sanjauli-Dhalli tunnel. In the entry gate of the Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary you have to tickets, as entry to the area is limited for tourists. Here you can chose for cycling or hiking option.

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