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About The Ice Skating in Winter in Shimla


Ice skating is another breathtaking experience in Shimla. If you are travelling to Shimla in the winters this is one of the must try activities.

Shimla changes itself into a different white land in the winters, offering you breathtaking views of the snow, the pine trees, the valleys, the majestic hills, the forests, the rivers, everything is either frozen or covered with snow. This turns into a snow land in the winters.

Ice skating provides an exciting experience for those hoping to have some fun in the snow. Enjoy throwing snowballs on each other; enjoy slipping down while skating and more. It gives you a complete different feeling, rather than walking you have the chance to skate in most parts of Shimla.

From a long time ice skating is one of the favorite activity of the local people here in Shimla. This seasonal snowfall is one of the favorite pastimes of the locals here. Participating in ice skating will truly make you feel like you are a local and you are indulging in one of the famous activity with them.

Ice skating is a family-friendly activity and are enjoyed by most of the families coming to Shimla for their vacation in the winters. Also, ice skating can be enjoyed by any age group, you don’t have to be afraid of anything neither you need to be daring. Ice skating is also one of the popular exercise; it lets you balance and keeps your muscles strong.

Ice skating is the perfect sports during the winters combined with natural beauty, adventure and health benefits. It is in fact a reward activity that keeps your happy, and rejuvenates your senses.

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Ice Skating in winter in Shimla

Best Places for Ice Skating in Shimla

Ridge Maidan:

The Ridge Maidan in Shimla is one of the best spots in Shimla for ice skating during the winter snow. As the vast open space of the Ridge gets covered with snow, it becomes one of the best spots in the vicinity of the city center of Shimla to enjoy ice skating.

How to Reach Ridge Maidan in Shimla?

You can reach the The Ridge Maidan in Shimla by walking from the central areas of Shimla for example the Mall Road.

Wildflower Hall, Oberoi:

If you are hoping for a luxurious skating experience visit the Wildflower Hall, Oberoi in Shimla. This place has well maintained ice skating rink providing mesmerizing views of the snow covered mountains and the white valley. For ice skating lovers, it is one of the best professional ice skating spot.

How to Reach Wildflower Hall, Oberoi in Shimla?

The Wildflower Hall, Oberoi in Shimla is about 13 kilometers away from the city center. Tourists can take a taxi to reach there.

Ice Skating Club, Circular Road:

Another professional ice skating rink is the Ice Skating Club on Circular Road in Shimla. It offers a complete professional experience; the ice skating lovers will love it here to enjoy skating in a professional way. You can find here guides too.

How to Reach Ice Skating Club, Circular Road in Shimla?

The Ice Skating Club is located on the Circular Road in Shimla, you can take a private vehicle, public bus, or taxi according to your convenience.


Chail is located only 45 km from Shimla and it is one of the best spots for ice skating. As during the winters this region gets covered with snow, for example the Chail cricket ground, it becomes one of the best skating spot.

How to Reach Chail from Shimla?

Chail is only 45 km away from the main Shimla city center. Tourists can easily reach this spot by hiring a taxi or by taking a local bus; it will take around 1.5 to 2 hours.


Narkanda is another breathtaking spot that offers splendid skating spots in the winters. The Hatu Peak near Narkanda which receives heavy snowfall is one of the best skating spot, specially the frozen lakes, which provided with proper ice rinks to skate.

How to Reach Narkanda from Shimla?

Narkanda is 64 km away from the Shimla city center; you can easily reach this spot via bus or taxi. It will take you around 2 to 2.5 hours to reach Narkanda.


Mashobra is famous for its apple orchards, however in the winters the land is covered with snow, and the lakes and ponds are frozen which makes it the perfect spot for ice skating.

How to Reach Mashobra from Shimla?

Since Mashobra is only 12 km away from Shimla, you can easily get local or taxi to reach there. It will take you around 30 minutes only.


Kufri is another breathtaking spot for providing stunning ice skating experience during the winters. The Mahasu Peak in Kufri is the best spot for ice skating, covered with snow; it offers the perfect experience for skaters to enjoy skating while enjoying the majestic views of the mountains.

How to Reach Kufri from Shimla?

Kufri is only 13 km from Shimla, you can easily get a bus or taxi to reach there. It will take you around 30 minutes.

Best Time for Ice Skating in Winter in Shimla

The best time for ice skating in Shimla is during the months from December to February. During this months, the temperature of Shimla drops and there is heavy snowfall, thus making it the excellent time for ice skating.

Things To Do In Shimla

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Best Place To Visit In Shimla

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