About The Naggar Castle Manali


Naggar Castle Manali is located in the beautiful Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh, the views from this castle is simply mesmerizing. Naggar castle is popularly known as Himalayan Castle, it is in fact a heritage hotel also that offers an unforgettable stay experience.

The Naggar Castle was built by Raja Sidh Singh in 1460. This castle is an architectural wonder in the stunning hills of the region, surrounded by enthralling beauty.

Whether you are a nature lover, history lover or adventure lover, you are simply going to love this place. Naggar Castle welcomes all visitors alike and has something to offer. It is in fact one of the best hidden treasures that you must visit in Manali.

The Naggar Castle Manali

History of Naggar Castle

Naggar Castle was built by Raja Sidh Singh in 1460, and it was the royal residence of the kings of Kullu for around 300 years. This castle was built when Raja Sidh Singh, decided to visit his capital to Naggar from Kullu. With the bygone era, this castle has witnessed my harsh wars. In 1846, Kullu was taken over by the British; they used it as a rest house. In 1978, Naggar Castle was take in charge by Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC), currently it is a heritage hotel take care by HPTDC.

Architecture of Naggar Castle

The Naggar Castle is in Himalayan architectural style. The castle is made of stones and wood. The top of the castle is pagoda style, which you can find in any hill temples and houses. It is a three storey building castle and the courtyard is located in the center. The castle was built in such a way that it is able to withstand the harsh climatic weather conditions during the winters.

Attractions of Naggar Castle

There are many attractions in the Naggar Castle, you will simply love exploring this place:

  1. Visit the museum
  2. Visit the temple dedicated to Tripura Sundari
  3. Visit the art gallery
  4. Enjoy the dining experience

Best Time to Visit: March to June, and October to February

Open Hours: All days of the week from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Entry fees: INR 15 for Indians, INR 25 for foreigners

Accommodation: Enjoy a great stay in the Naggar Castle itself, since it is a heritage hotel by by Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, it has many beautiful rooms to stay.

How to Reach Naggar Castle?

You can reach Naggar castle easily from Manali, which is the nearest town. In order to reach Manali, you can reach by bus, taxi or flight from Delhi and Chandigarh.

Once you reach Manali, you can reach Naggar by bus or taxi, since it is only 20 km away from Manali. It will take around one hour to reach Naggar Castle, as you drive through the route you will be welcomed by majestic mountains, charming valleys, apple orchards and more. When you reach Naggar, you can walk to the castle from the main road.

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