About Arjun Gufa (Arjun Cave)


Arjun Guja is also popularly called as Arjun Cave, this tourist spot is located near Manali and it has great historical significance. This site has spiritual and historical significance. Tourists will have the chance to know about the mythological significance of this area. When you visit Arjun Guja you will be immersed into the mystery and beauty of this place.

Mythological Significance: 

Arjun Guja is belived to be the place where Arjun (one of the Pandava Prince) meditated in this cave to gain the Pashupata Astra. Arjun meditated in this cave to Lord Shiva to gain the Pashupata Astra for many years. Lord Shiva was finally with his devotion and dedication, showed up in this cave and gave him the Pashupata Astra.

The Pashupata Astra is believed to be a powerful weapon of destruction. This weapon could be discharged by a bow, by chanting through words, eyes or mind. This weapon was not supposed to be used as everything could be destructed in an instant. This Pashupata Astra was possessed by Arjun only on earth.

The trekking route to the cave is quite interesting and draws the attention of many adventure enthusiasts. As you walk towards the cave you will be welcomed by green meadows, thick forest comprising of pine trees and cement steps in order to make exploring the place easy. Many tourists visit this place out of curiosity to find out if the legend is true. Whatever may be the reason, but it is quite interesting to visit this place.

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Arjun Gufa

Spiritual Retreat in Arjun Guja

When tourists Arjun Guja, they will have a spiritual feeling, it’s like you being connected to spirituality with its beautiful surrounding, perfect for meditation and connecting to nature.

Natural Beauty in Arjun Guja

The Arjun Guja is located amidst the breathtaking mountains, green valleys, charming meadows, thick forests covered with pine trees, and the rocky formations of the caves, everything adds to the aura of the place.

Rock Formations

When you visit Arjun Guja, you will be fascinated by the rock formations, the stalagmites and the intriguing unique formation of the cave, this place attracts tourists, adventure lovers, nature lovers and geologist as well.

Things to do at Arjun Gufa

Explore the cave, see its unique rock formations and appreciate the fascinating formation of this cave.

Engage in meditation or yoga in this serene location and get connected to nature. 

Photographers can enjoy taking photos of this place, as this place is surrounded with enthralling beauty.

Those wishing for nature walks can enjoy waking to the cave.

Visiting Arjun Guja is a marvelous experience, as it is blended with beauty, mystery, spirituality, captivating the interests of the tourists.

Best Time to Arjun Guja

The time to Arjun Guja is in the months from March to June when the temperature is simple pleasant to enjoy a trek to the cave.

Timings to Visit Arjun Guja:

It is open for visitors during daytime hours.

Entry Fee:

No entry fee

How to Reach Arjun Gufa?

Since Arjun Gufa is only 5 km away from Manali main town, you can easily take a taxi or auto to reach Arjun Gufa. To reach Arjun Gufa from Manali main town it will take around 20 minutes.

You have to reach Prini first from Manali town; from here you can enjoy a trek to the cave.

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