About Gauri Shankar Temple


The Gauri Shankar Temple is situated in Naggar in Manali. It is an important Hindu temple devoted to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Surrounded by the beautiful Himalayan ranges, this temple welcomes all devotees and tourists alike to get engrossed in the spiritual surroundings of the region.

Spiritual significance of Gauri Shankar Temple: 

The Gauri Shankar Temple is believed to have immense spiritual power, dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is one of the sacred temples in the region with divine spiritual power, attracting many devotees, seeking blessings.

Historical and Architectural Charm of Gauri Shankar Temple: 

It is an ancient Hindu temple with Himachali style of architectural design. It comprises complex wooden carvings, pagoda style roof which is found in most temples in Himachal. Gauri Shankar Temple takes you back to the ancient era.

Scenic Location of Gauri Shankar Temple: 

The Gauri Shankar Temple is located amidst the beautiful surrounding of the majestic mountains, the dramatic hills, green valleys, meadows, thick forests, and the strong flowing Beas River. All add to the beauty of the place.

Cultural Experience of Gauri Shankar Temple: 

When you visit Gauri Shankar Temple, tourists will be able to know more about the local culture, their customs and traditions, while immersing in the Himachali culture.

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Gauri Shankar Temple

Things to Do at Gauri Shankar Temple

Offer your prayers: When visiting the Gauri Shankar Temple, tourists can offer their prayers and seek blessings from Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is the best chance for tourists to get closer to nature and spirituality.

Attend the puja Aarti: When you visit this, make sure to visit in the morning or evening time during the Aarti time, so that you are to attend the divine Aarti of the temple.

Explore the surroundings of the temple: When in Gauri Shankar Temple, visitors get a chance to explore the beautiful surroundings of the region, filled with eternal beauty. Simply appreciate the stunning beauty of the place.

Photography: When in Gauri Shankar Temple, take photos of the vicinity, photographers are surely going to love this place. Whether you are taking photos of the temple or its surroundings, everything about this place is wonderful.

Visiting the Gauri Shankar Temple, you are likely to enjoy the views of the breathtaking mountains, the green valleys, the meadows, the thick forests and most importantly the temple that connects you to spirituality and nature.

Best Time to Visit Gauri Shankar Temple

The best time to visit the Gauri Shankar Temple is during the months from April to June, when the temperature is simply perfect to wander around and explore the places. Also, another best time to visit is during the months from September to October, after the monsoon rain, when it’s fresh and green.

How to Reach Gauri Shankar Temple?

By Road: The Gauri Shankar Temple is 20 km away from Manali main town. The temple is located in Naggar which can be easily reached by taxi, cars or local buses. The route to Naggar from Manali offers breathtaking scenic views.

By Trekking: Adventure lovers can also enjoy trekking from Manali to Naggar, those willing to trek should get in touch with tour guides for trekking to enjoy a marvelous experience. Trekking to Naggar from Manali usually takes 4-5 hours.

By Tourist Transport: Tourists hoping for a hassle-free experience can choose to visit Gauri Shankar Temple from tour operators. This option provides a pick and drop facility to the hotel and more.

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