About Beas River


The Beas River is one of the main sources of river in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The route through which the Beas River flows attracts tourist with its captivating beauty. The place is famous for its natural beauty, stunning landscape, clear waters and more. It offers a breathtaking view of the majestic mountains. It’s one of the best tourists attractions is Manali. Nature lovers and photographers will simply love this place

The Beas River offers many adventurous activities like river rafting, fishing, and picnic near the banks of the river. It is the best place for families, friends, solo travelers, couples, etc.

The Beas River is considered sacred and it holds religious significance according to Hindu mythology. Alongside of the banks of the river many Ghats and temples are located. Tourists can visit the temples and Ghats to offer their prayers. 

The peaceful environment of the Beas River allows visitors to enjoy a peaceful time along the banks of the river. Tourists can simply relax and enjoy some peaceful time here.

Visiting the Beas River is one of the important things to do. Tourists should definitely visit this place, whether it’s for an adventurous experience, culture experience, and religious experience or to enjoy some peaceful time, Beas River offers all.

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Beas River

Things to do at Beas River

Travelers can enjoy rafting in the Beas River. Several rafting operators are located in the area. However, it is only for the daring adventure lovers.

Those who want to try fishing can enjoy fishing in the Beas River. 

Those hoping to spend some time near the banks of the Beas River can enjoy picnic here. Tourists can simply relax, enjoy the view and enjoy their picnic basket there.

Photographers will love taking the photos of the area, as it offers mesmerizing views, surrounding majestic mountains, the gushing river flowing, the thick forests covered with pine trees, the stunning landscape, the charming meadows and more.

Best Time to Visit Beas River

The best time to visit the Beas River depends on what activity you are interested in. Summer season that is from April to June is best for river rafting, and picnics. Tourists can simply enjoy the pleasant weather.

Autumn season that is from October to November is the best time to enjoy fishing and other leisure activities.

How to Reach Beas River?

Tourists can visits the different spots of Beas River; however the nearest river bank in the area is in Old Manali. You can simply walk to the banks of the river. For those staying in New Manali or Old Manali, you can enjoy a walk towards the nearest banks of Beas River.

Best Place to Visit in Manali


Manali is designated as one of the most breathtaking hill station in India for its diversified range of tourist places to visit and activities to indulge in. Manali welcomes tourists in search of relaxation and those hoping for some adventure activities. Below are some of the best places in Manali:

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