About Jagatsukh


Jagatsukh is a beautiful place located in the outskirts of Manali. It is a quaint village in Manali, famous for its natural beauty, history, past and spirituality. Tourists will love visiting this place to know more about the local culture of Himachal Pradesh, and a chance to visit the stunning breathtaking places and getting closer to the place.

Historical Heritage Significance of Jagatsukh

Jagatsukh was great historical significance. Tourists might not be aware but it was once the capital of Kullu Kingdom. This place is one of the most important places that comprises old villages, ancient temples, including the famous Jagatsukh Shiva temple that dates back to the 8th century. 

Jagatsukh is a cultural hub

Jagatsukh is a cultural hub as it has the traditional Himachali old village who still maintains their old traditions, culture, and lifestyle. Tourists are sure to get engrossed in the local hospitality, traditional dance, and the natural beauty.

Natural beauty of Jagatsukh

Jagatsukh is surrounded by the majestic snow covered mountains in the distance, the apple orchards, the meadows, the green valleys, the quaint villages, and the mesmerizing scenic landscape that adds to the aura of this place.

Visiting Jagatsukh allows travelers to delve into Himachal Pradesh's rich history, cultural heritage, and natural splendor, providing a memorable and enriching travel experience in the heart of the Himalayas.

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Things to Do in Jagatsukh

Visit Ancient Temples: When you visit Jagatsukh, do visit the ancient Jagatsukh temple, devoted to Lord Shiva, know about this stunning place and be closer to nature, explore the architectural wonder of this temple and connect spiritually.

Cultural immersion: When you Jagatsukh, the quaint villages in Jagatsukh are sure to welcome with great hospitality, get to know more about the local people, their culture, and the traditions. Here you can learn traditional handicrafts like weaving, pottery making. Do also enjoy Himachali cuisine.

Nature walks and hiking: Enjoy hiking or nature walks to one of the quaint villages in Jagatsukh. You will simply love the stunning views of the mountains, the lush green valleys, the thick forests and more.

Photography: With stunning views, mesmerizing quaint villages, the landscape, the thick forests, the ancient temple, the sunset and sunrise of the place, every spot in this place will let photographers enjoy taking stunning photos of the place.

Best Time to Visit Jagatsukh

The best time to visit Jagatsukh is from April to June when the weather conditions are favorable and tourists can enjoy a stroll to the quaint villages located in the valley. Another best time is from September to November.

How to Reach Jagatsukh?

By Road: Jagatsukh is only 6 km away from Manali main town. To reach this place you can easily take a taxi or local bus.

Trekking Route: Also, adventure lovers can enjoy a trek to Jagatsukh village from Manali. The trek usually takes 2-3 hours, depending on the trail choice and your stamina.

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