About Sar Pass


Sar Pass is situated near the beautiful Himachal town, Kasol which is located in the Parvati Valley. This spot is popular among tourists because of its scenic location, and trekking. The Sar Pass is located around 20 km away from Kasol. If you are planning to trek to Sar Pass, you have to reach first Barshani and from here you have to trek to Sar Pass.

Why Visit Sar Pass Near Kasol?

Sar Pass is perched in the breathtaking locations of the Himalayas. It is surrounded by majestic mountain ranges, the thick forest covered by evergreen trees, the strong flowing hill rivers, green valleys and charming meadows. This spot is perfect for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and photographers.

Sar Pass for offering adventurous trekking experience, the trek to Sar Pass from Barshani is quite challenging. This trekking route is mostly suggested to experience ones. As you trek through the route you will be welcomed by the surrounding majestic mountains, the thick forest covered with evergreen trees, the rocky hills, and snow covered fields, it’s a total new experience as you have to walk through the snow as well.  Some of the trekking tours also offer camping at the Sar Pass, you can enjoy the views surrounding the area while sleeping under the glittering sky. 

The Sar Pass is also full of wildlife experience, you might encounter some of the Himalayan deer, varied species of birds, mountain goats and more. It is a complete surreal experience, offering a close glimpse of the exotic flora and fauna of the valley. While trekking through the route, you might meet the local villagers; you can interact with them and know more about the region, their culture, customs and tradition.

So a trek to Sar Pass offers you breathtaking beauty of the surrounding snow covered mountains, the green valleys, the thick forests, the meadows, and the varied species of unique flora and fauna, and the local villages where you get a chance to know more about this charming valley.

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Sar Pass

Best Month to Visit Sar Pass Near Kasol

The best time to trek to Sar Pass is from May to June during the summer months and from September to October after the monsoon rain. The weather during these months are favorable with clear blue sky, and the temperature is okay for you to trek without having to freeze or walk through the snow, as it is difficult trekking on snow. This trek is suggested only for the experienced ones.

How to Reach Sar Pass from Kasol?

To reach Sar Pass, you have to reach Barshani from Kasol which is around 20 km from here you have to trek to Sar Pass. From Kasol you can take a taxi or local bus to the route. The trek to Sar Pass depends on the trek route you have chosen, it is always opt for trekking to Sar Pass with the help of experienced trek operators for your safety.

Best Place to Visit in Kasol


Kasol is located in the stunning valleys of Himachal Pradesh. This pleasant town rests charmingly along the Parvati River, preserving its untouched glamour over time. Its eternal beauty serves as an attraction, leading tourists not only from other parts of India but also from around the world.

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