Best Place to Visit in Kasol


Kasol is located in the stunning valleys of Himachal Pradesh. This pleasant town rests charmingly along the Parvati River, preserving its untouched glamour over time. Its eternal beauty serves as an attraction, leading tourists not only from other parts of India but also from around the world.

Manikaran Sahib

Manikaran Sahib is a famous pilgrimage center for the Sikhs and the Hindus. Manikaran Sahib is located in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh and is a respected Sikh pilgrimage. It has a divine energy and is of great cultural importance. Manikaran Sahib is located only within a distance of 4 km from Kasols main commercial hub. Devotees can either enjoy a short drive to the pilgrimage center or enjoy a short trek. It is easily reachable.

Manikaran Sahib is one of the most important tourist spot in Kasol, many devotees from different parts of India, specially come to Kasol to visit this pilgrimage center.

Manikaran Hot Springs

Manikaran Hot Springs is located in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh within the premises of the Gurudwara Sri Manikaran Sahib, and is popular among devotees for its remedial benefits and spiritual importance. It is located only 4 km away from the hub of Kasol. Manikaran Hot Springs is surrounded by the charming Parvati Valley. Devotees can enjoy scenic drive to the pilgrimage center.

The hot water springs are believed to have minerals like sulfur which has remedial properties.

The hot water springs helps to improve from certain problems like arthritis

Nature Park Kasol

Nature Park Kasol is located in the beautiful Himalayan region of Kasol in Himachal Pradesh. It is surrounded by the beauty of the Himalayan Mountains. The Nature Park Kasol is only 2 km away from the main center of Kasol which is located within a walking distance, however if you are staying far from the hub you may need to walk more or take a taxi.

The Nature Park Kasol is famous for its greenery, thick forests and the stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

It offers the perfect peaceful retreat for nature lovers, wildlife lovers and photographers.

Parvati River

The Parvati River is one of the important rivers in Himachal Pradesh. As the Parvati River through some of the scenic landscape of the river it is one of the must visit places in Kasol. The distance of Parvati River depends at which place you want to see this river. In fact the Parvati River also flows through Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara, so you can get a glimpse of this strong flowing river.

Many scenic spots of Parvati River are located within the main hub of Kasol, so you can visit within the walking distance to get a glimpse of this spiritual river.

Kheer Ganga Peak

Kheer Ganga Peak is located in the breathtaking Parvati Valley; it is popular for its scenic beauty, spiritual experience, hot springs and trekking. To reach the Kheer Ganga Peak, you have to first reach Barshaini, from here the trekking to Kheer Ganga Peak starts. Barshaini is around 20 km away from Kasol. From Barshaini to reach the peak it is around 12 km.

Kheer Ganga Peak is a popular tourist spot because of its enthralling beauty, tourists can get a chance to view the grand Himalayan peaks, the evergreen forests and the charming Parvati Valley. This is a popular spot for nature and adventure lovers.

Tosh Village

Tosh Village is situated near Kasol in the mesmerizing mountain ranges of the Parvati Valley. It provides views of the majestic mountains, the enchanting beauty and an insight into the local traditions of the region.

Tosh Village is located around 20 km away from Kasol, you have to reach Barshaini first and then you can start your trek from here. From Barshaini the distance to Tosh Village is around 7 km depending on the route you have chosen.

There are many reasons to visit this rich heritage village; the village is located

Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley is a breathtaking tourist destination located near Kasol. It is an offbeat tourist spot and popular destination for nature and adventure lovers. Tirthan Valley is around 70 km away from Kasol. It will take around 3-4 hours to reach Tirthan Valley from Kasol.

Tirthan Valley is blessed with eternal beauty; the valley is surrounded by the majestic mountains, the strong flowing winding rivers, thick forests covered with evergreen trees and the stunning landscape. It attracts both nature and adventure lovers. Tourists who want to be close to nature and have a peaceful retreat away from the hustle-bustle

Chalal Village

Chalal Village is located near Kasol in the breathtaking Parvati valley. It is a stunning hidden gem in the midst of the stunning mountain ranges of the Himalayas. Tourist seeking peace and solace and want to rejuvenate their senses, this is one of the best opportunities for them, to be away from the hustle-bustle for some days.

The Chalal Village is situated around 4 km away from Kasol, so this means it offers the easiest trek in the region. First time trekkers will easily be able to enjoy this trek.

One of the most important reasons when you are visiting Himachal Pradesh is its beauty,

Shiv Mandir, Manikaran

Shiv Mandir, Manikaran is situated near Kasol in Parvati Valley, the temples holds a religious significance for the Hindu devotees. To reach Shiv Mandir, Manikaran, you can either take a taxi or local bus, as the distance is around 5 km from Kasol main road. If you are planning to trek till the Shiv Mandir, Manikaran, you can take the short-cut trekking route.

Shiv Mandir, Manikaran is devoted to Lord Shiv, making it a sacred site for the Hindus to visit this place for solace and peace and to gain spiritual blessings. The temple is surrounded by lush green forest comprising of the evergreen trees, the majestic mountain ranges

Sar Pass

Sar Pass is situated near the beautiful Himachal town, Kasol which is located in the Parvati Valley. This spot is popular among tourists because of its scenic location, and trekking. The Sar Pass is located around 20 km away from Kasol. If you are planning to trek to Sar Pass, you have to reach first Barshani and from here you have to trek to Sar Pass. Sar Pass is perched in the breathtaking locations of the Himalayas. It is surrounded by majestic mountain ranges, the thick forest covered by evergreen trees, the strong flowing hill rivers, green valleys and charming meadows.

Pulga Village

Pulga Village is an authentic traditional village located near Kasol. This village is located in the breathtaking surrounding of the scenic landscape, thus adding to charming aura of the place. To reach Pulga Village, you have to reach Barshani, which is around 20 km away from Kasol. To reach Barshani, you can either take a taxi or bus, and once you reach Barshani you can enjoy your trek to the village.

Pulga Village is the perfect tourist destination that offers authentic cultural and traditional lifestyle of the Himachali people located away from the chaotic lifestyle

Bhuntar Town

Bhuntar town is a quaint town in the beautiful Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh near Kasol in Kullu Valley. This town is famous for its rich culture, traditions and heritage which till now they have preserved. The distance of Bhuntar Town from Kasol is around 21 km; you can either take a taxi or local bus to reach Bhuntar Town from Kasol.

Very few know, but Bhuntar Town is the starting point of Kullu Valley, the town offers breathtaking beauty, it is surrounded by the grand snow covered mountain ranges, the green valleys, the charming meadows, the thick forests covered with evergreen treeS

Naggar Village

Naggar Village is located in the beautiful Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh, near Kasol in the stunning Kullu Valley. The Naggar Village is famous for breathtaking beauty, Naggar castle, ancient temples, and cultural heritage of the region. The distance of Naggar Village from Kasol is around 57.6 km, from Kasol you can either take a local bus or shared taxi or booked taxi, whichever is convenient for you.

Naggar Village is surrounded by breathtaking mountain ranges, green valleys, thick forests, charming meadows and the strong flowing Beas River.

Malana Village

Malana Village is situated near Kasol in the breathtaking beauty of the Parvati Valley. The Malana Village is famous for its old tradition and culture which still they follows. The distance of Malana Village from Kasol is around 21 km only, but this distance is till the gate of Malana Village, once you reach the gate, from here you have to trek for around 8 km. So when you visit Kasol you should definitely visit Malana Village.

Malana Village is surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayan ranges, the dramatic mountain ranges, the charming green valleys, the beautiful meadows

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