About Naggar Village


Naggar Village is located in the beautiful Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh, near Kasol in the stunning Kullu Valley. The Naggar Village is famous for breathtaking beauty, Naggar castle, ancient temples, and cultural heritage of the region. The distance of Naggar Village from Kasol is around 57.6 km, from Kasol you can either take a local bus or shared taxi or booked taxi, whichever is convenient for you.

Why Visit Naggar Village Near Kasol?

Naggar Village is surrounded by breathtaking mountain ranges, green valleys, thick forests, charming meadows and the strong flowing Beas River. It is one of the best spot for nature lovers and photographers.

When you reach Naggar Village you will be able to explore the traditional Naggar Village which still follows their cultural heritage of the region. Naggar Village is famous for the Naggar Castle, ancient temples, and the surrounding location which gives you the vibe of its rich culture and heritage.

The Naggar Castle is an old castle of the bygone Kullu kings, it is designed in Himachali architectural style, and the wooden carvings are intricate and great paintings. The Naggar Castle also comprises of a museum where you can take a look of the old items of the bygone era, its history, etc.  The Naggar Castle is now a heritage hotel; visitors can enjoy a stay here as well.

The Naggar Village is also an inspiration to the famous Russian painter Nicholas Roerich. In fact, there is a museum in his name called The Roerich Art Gallery where his art works and other important art works are displayed.

The Naggar Village also provides great trekking activities for the adventure lovers. Tourists hoping for some adventurous activities can engage in trekking in the nearby trekking routes in Naggar Village.

So when you reach Naggar Village, you will be welcomed by the stunning mountain ranges, the green valleys, the meadows, the Beas River and the evergreen forest. You will be able to engross in the cultural and traditional heritage of the village, interact with the local people and enjoy some adventure activities as well.

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Naggar Village

Best Month to Visit Naggar Village Near Kasol

The best time to visit Naggar Village in Kullu Valley is during the months from March to June and from September to November. The weather during this period of time is simply wonderful, you can enjoy a stroll around the village and explore the Naggar Castle located nearby and engage in adventurous activities as well.

How to Reach Naggar Village from Kasol?

Naggar Village is around 57.6 km from Kasol, from here you can either take a local bus or taxi. Taking a local bus from Kasol would be the best option as it is affordable.

Best Place to Visit in Kasol


Kasol is located in the stunning valleys of Himachal Pradesh. This pleasant town rests charmingly along the Parvati River, preserving its untouched glamour over time. Its eternal beauty serves as an attraction, leading tourists not only from other parts of India but also from around the world.

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