About Parvati River


The Parvati River is one of the important rivers in Himachal Pradesh. As the Parvati River through some of the scenic landscape of the river it is one of the must visit places in Kasol. The distance of Parvati River depends at which place you want to see this river. In fact the Parvati River also flows through Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara, so you can get a glimpse of this strong flowing river. 

Many scenic spots of Parvati River are located within the main hub of Kasol, so you can visit within the walking distance to get a glimpse of this spiritual river.  

The Parvati River is famous for its scenic locations, the strong winding flows, the crystal clear waters, the greenery, the charming meadows, the verdant valleys, the majestic mountains, and the grand way it makes it way below the mountains. It is an awe-inspiring place for nature lovers, adventure lovers and photographers. 

Alongside the banks of the Parvati River many temples and sacred sites are located, thus considering Parvati River as one of the spiritual rivers and providing divine feeling for the visitors and devotees.

The adventure lovers can enjoy river rafting the Parvati River, fishing and kayaking. The river rafting here in Parvati River is one of the most thrilling experiences as it takes you through winding strong river rapids, only best suggested for experienced ones. Those wishing to simply relax can enjoy camping near the riverbanks of Parvati River.

Also, tourist can engage in picnics near the banks of the Parvati River, it is the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious lunch while enjoying the views of the mountains, the green valleys, the verdant forests and complete tranquil atmosphere, ideal for relaxation and rejuvenating your senses.

Also, tourists can engage in interacting with the locals, and visit their villages to know about their culture and traditions. The Parvati River offers complete peace, solace, natural beauty, adventure and cultural exploration. Do explore the Parvati River to have a enriching experience of the region.

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Parvati River

Best Month to Visit Parvati River

The best time to visit the Parvati River is during the summer from April to June and autumn months from September to October. It is safe to travel during these months.

How to Reach Parvati River from Kasol?

If you are staying in the hub of Kasol, you can easily reach the Parvati River by walking. You can find the Parvati River at many points of Kasol, so you have to simply decide which location to visit to enjoy the scenic views of the river. Most spots of the Parvati River are perfect for picnic and relaxation, you can simply visit one of the spots that’s nearby Kasol main town, enjoy a walk to the spot, while enjoying the beauty of the place.

Best Place to Visit in Kasol


Kasol is located in the stunning valleys of Himachal Pradesh. This pleasant town rests charmingly along the Parvati River, preserving its untouched glamour over time. Its eternal beauty serves as an attraction, leading tourists not only from other parts of India but also from around the world.

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