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About The Mall Road in Shimla


The Mall road is the best spot to spend quality time with your friends, family or your partner. For partners can walk around hand in hand, click photos, or pamper yourself in a cozy coffee date while being drenched in the magnificent views of this place. The Mall road is the bustling commercial center of Shimla, it's lined with shops and eateries. It's often the first tourist spot to visit by most tourists upon their arrival in Shimla. Tourists can capture the best moments in the hub of Shimla.

Mall Roads have been in India from the time of the British era. In most of the popular hill stations in India there is a mall road. Wherever there was shops, restaurants, cafes etc, the British name that area as the Mall Road. The shops in these roads were lined up beautifully and usually provided shelter to the people from sun and rain.

The shops located at the Mall Road comprises of handicrafts, garments, and local items. These shops allow visitors to shop, and at the same time allows them to enjoy the beauty of the hills. The popular theatre called the Gaiety Theatre, which is a cultural landmark of the region, located in the Mall Road. Here in this theatre many events are organized.

Apart from enjoying shopping, tourists can treat themselves with delicious street food available in the Mall Road or enjoy eating food in one of the restaurants, while enjoying the view of the mountains. Tourists should definitely try the local cuisines, to know this place better.

And during the evening time, the Mall Road is filled with lights and laughter as the local people and tourists usually come out during this time, after the day’s activities, simply to relax or take walk around.

When in Mall Road in the day time, you can check out The Ridge, Christ Church and the Scandal Point. All these places are located nearby.

What you can buy in The Mall Road shops?

Kangra Silk, Kinnauri Shawls, and Pashmina Shawls are some of the popular products in Shimla, you can check out these items in the local shops and purchase them. You can also visit the Himachal Emporium in the Mall Road; here you can get the authentic products. For cheap souvenirs to take back home there are many shops form where you can buy.


The timings in Mall Road, Shimla are around from 9.00 AM in the morning to 8.00 PM in the evening.

Entry of vehicles to the Mall Road:

Entry of vehicles is not allowed on the Mall Road, but you can bring your car till the main road or park below. Near the Mall Road ample parking space is provided, but during rush hours the traffic condition is bad, so it’s better to park a bit away from the main Mall Road. With your own vehicle, you might get stuck in a jam when coming to visit and while leaving as well.

Entry fees to the Mall Road: Not Required

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How to Reach The Mall Road?

If you are staying in the main Shimla city center, you can walk to the Mall Road. From the below the Mall Road, there is a glass lift, it will take you directly to the Mall Road.
In case you are staying a bit far from the Shimla city center, then you can drive your car till the car parking space near the lift or take a taxi till where it permits to the Mall Road.

Best Place To Visit In Shimla

With the best Shimla tour packages available, vacationers on a quest for budget-friendly options in India can seize the chance to escape the summer heat. Tailored to their preferences, these packages provide convenient transportation, pick-up and drop-off services, popular tourist spots, meals, breakfast, and more. Below are some of the best places in Shimla:

Things To Do In Shimla

Settled between the charming backdrops of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla stands proudly as the capital of the state. It is blessed with plentiful greenery; dramatic peaks, attractive viewpoints, colonial era architectural buildings, lively culture, old traditions, and warm and friendly locals. Here is a list of the things to do in Shimla:
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