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About Chadwick Falls in Shimla


Chadwick Falls offers tourists an isolated break out from the hustle and bustle. Nestled amidst serene and peaceful surroundings, the waterfall, falls from a height of around 100 feet, the thunderous waters of Chadwick Falls create an enchanting echo that reverberates through the silent jungle. For adventure lovers, a relaxed stroll to the falls promises an enlivening experience. It is one of the must-visit spot.

Chadwick Waterfall is a beautiful spot that is surrounded by lush green forest; the vicinity lets you rejuvenate your senses. Once you reach the spot you will feel like you have come to another secluded place away from the hustle-bustle of Shimla central hub. The tranquility in the area brings a different aura, awakening your senses.

For those who love adventure, they must definitely visit this place, as Chadwick falls lets you enjoy a hike till the waterfalls. So those ready to enjoy a hike, can take this route. The trek will lead you through lush green forest trails, curvy paths, beautiful wild flowers, rare species of wildlife and more. It surely is a path that is completely serene, and untouched.

Whether you are in search for adventure or some peaceful time amidst the nature, Chadwick Waterfall is sure to captivate you. Once you reach the waterfall, you can simply sit and relax and enjoy watching the waterfall. It truly indeed is a wonderful sight you won’t regret visiting it.

Do include it in your Shimla tour package as it would lead to having some adventure as well as some secluded time away from the hustle bustle of city life. You will surely have a memorable experience.

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Interesting Fact about Chadwick Waterfall

There is an interesting fact about Chadwick Waterfalls; this waterfall was previously known as Chidku Jhaar. The meaning of the word Chidku is bird and Jhaar means waterfall. The name was given Chidku Jhaar because the water falls from a very high altitude and that only a bird is able to reach the top of the hill. Later on, the Britishers changed it to Chadwick Waterfalls.

Best Time to Visit Chadwick Falls

The best time to visit this fascinating tourist spot is in the rainy season or during the monsoon, i.e. in the months of June to September when there is heavy rainfall. During this period the waterfalls more vigorously since the water level rises. But you need to be careful as well.

How to Reach the Chadwick Falls?

The Chadwick Falls is situated within the vicinity of Glen Forest, which is around 7km away from Shimla. Visitors have to take a taxi till the Glen Forest. You have to go travel through the Chaura Maidan Road and Cart Road. Once you reach the forest, you have to trek to the falls. The path to the falls is beautiful covered with lush green forest, and twisting trails.

Entry of Vehicles to the Chadwick Falls

You can take a taxi or drive till Glen Forest, which is around 7km away from Shimla. Once you reach here, it is a 10 minutes walking distance to the falls. A little bit of trekking of slight curvy paths, but you will enjoy trekking till the falls.

Timings to Visit Chadwick Falls

Chadwick Falls is open for tourists from 6 AM to 6 PM. It is opened on all days of the week.

Entry fees to visit Chadwick Falls

Not Required

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