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About Christ Church in Shimla

Dating back to the British colonial era, Christ Church is an amazing architectural spectacle still near the Ridge of Shimla. It is second oldest church in northern India. While walking around the grand Mall Road, don't miss the chance to visit this colonial era British church and offer your prayers.
Christ Church was built by the British with great architectural planning’s, with neo-Gothic architectural design it was built in 1857. Christ Church is in fact the oldest church in north India. It plays an important role as an old building of the bygone era, making it one of the popular hub as a cultural inheritance.
What attract the attention of Christ Church is its beautiful stained glasses which has unique designs, each glass window with designs relates to the Christian faith. The church also has a majestic tower that stands high at the backdrop. Not to forget the location of the church is truly breathtaking. Imagine how beautiful it must have been in the past.
Christ Church is not only a place of worship, but is a great heritage of the past. Its architectural designs invite tourists to appreciate its beauty. Located in between the lush green trees and vegetation, hills, and mountains and the neighboring buildings this place has an unique aura, captivating everyone who visits this place.
So, this Neo-Gothic Christ Church was designed by Col. J.T. Boileau, who was a famous architect in the British era. He also designed the St. George's Church in Agra. Whoever visits these places, cannot keep on complimenting how wonderfully both these churches have been designed.
The interior part of the church is simple, only the glass windows, which are stained, are designed extraordinarily. These stained window glasses have different meanings, they represent Charity, Faith, Fortitude, Patience, Humility, and Hope; all these are important virtues in Christian religion.
Best time to visit Christ Church:
The best time to visit Christ Church is in the months of April to June, i.e. during the summer season. The weather here is pleasant and you can have a good time enjoying the cool breeze. The temperature usually remains here from 15 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius.
And, those who love the snow can visit in the winter month that is from November to February. During this time, Shimla is fully covered with snow. Imagine how beautiful a snow covered church would look. Also, in December its Christmas, and you can be a part of the prayers and enjoy the Christmas evening in the locality.
How to reach the Christ Church?
Since Christ Church is located near the Ridge, you simply need to get to the Ridge. If you are staying in the city center of Shimla, you can simply walk to the church. If you are coming by taxi or bus, just get down at the lower parking lot of the Ridge, from here you can either use the lift or the staircase, whatever you prefer.
Entry of vehicles to the Christ Church:
If you have brought your own car, to reach the Christ Church you have to park your car below the Mall Road, at the lower car park area. Entry of vehicles till the Church point is not allowed.
Timings to visit Christ Church: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Time Required: 1-2 hours
Entry fees to visit Christ Church: Not Required
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Christ Church in Shimla

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