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Malana Near Kullu

Malana is an ancient village in Himachal Pradesh, it is located near Kullu. This village is famous for its unique, customs, traditions and rituals. It is believed that the local people of Malana are the great descendants of the Alexander’s army. The village has its own governing system and customs, and the people of Malana follow a strict code of conduct and social hierarchy. They speak a language called Kanashi, which is distinct from the local dialects spoken in the region. Malana is famous for its premium-quality hashish, known as Malana Cream, although it's essential to respect local laws and customs regarding this. Another most interesting reason as to why this region is famous is because of the best quality hashish which is popularly known as the Malana Cream. Everybody here is known to take the Malana Cream, and we must respect their local customs and laws regarding the same. The houses in the village are stone built in a traditional way; however with the change of time some new buildings are being built in the modern style. In order to reach the village you have to take a short trek, and you will be welcomed by narrow lanes inside the village. In the center of the village you can see a local temple of the community. Visitors must visit this place to have a unique cultural experience and interacting with the local of this village to know about their lifestyle.
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Best Time to Visit Malana Near Kullu

April to June is considered to be the best time to visit Malana near Kullu as the weather conditions are favorable to explore the region. September to November is another best month as the region looks refreshing after the monsoon.

How to Reach Malana Near Kullu?

The Malana is around 46.8 km away from Kullu. To reach Malana, tourists will have to take a bus or taxi till Jari village from Kullu. Once you reach Jari village, you will have to trek around 6-7 km to reach Malana village. Tourists will love hiking till the village as it surrounded by beautiful landscape, charming valleys, dense forests, the rich vegetation, the meadows, and the small streams of the river.

Best Place to Visit in Kullu

As Kullu is located in the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh it is loaded with natural beauty and comprises of some of the best tourists places to visit:
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