About Timber Trail


Timber Trail is located in Parwanoo and is one of the popular tourist destination located near Kasauli. This place is blessed with beautiful hills, green valleys, charming meadows and evergreen trees. Tourists visit this place to enjoy the cable car ride. It is the perfect spot for scenic lovers, nature enthusiasts, adventure lovers and those seeking for some peaceful time.

Things Tourists Can Enjoy in Timber Trail

One of the best things to do in Timber Trail is the cable car ride. It is one of the best experiences; it connects two hilltops across a deep gorge. The ride offers views of the lush green forests, gorges, and majestic mountains in the distant. 

When you reach the hill top you will be able to see stunning views of the Shivalik range as well. The view of the enchanting landscape of the valleys is simply mesmerizing, if you visit during sunrise and sunset, you are going to have a different watching the views.

Timber Trail offers a thrilling and exciting experience, at the same time lets you experience the serene environment below. It is one of must-do activity near Kasauli.

Apart from the cable car ride, Timber Trail is perfect for those wishing to take some leisure walks around the valley. Tourists will get a chance to see the flora and fauna up close. The walking around the area is simply soothing to have some peaceful time and breath in the fresh mountain air.

This spot is also perfect for photographers, as they can capture glimpses of different species of flora and fauna, the serene landscape, showcasing the cable car experience, the serene walks, the sunrise and sunset, etc.

Tourists can also sit and relax at one of the cafes and restaurants in Timber Trail. The cafes and restaurants here offer some of the best cuisines, including traditional Himachali cuisines. Enjoy a meal here while admiring the beauty of the region.

Tourists should definitely visit this place as it provides perfect peaceful retreat, those wishing to have some secluded time and spend some time close to nature away from the hustle-bustle.

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Timber Trail


The Timber Trail is open for tourists from 9.00 AM in the morning till 6.00 PM in the evening. The cable car ride also operates during this time, but the last ride is around 5.30 PM.

How to Reach Timber Trail?

Timber Trail is around 25 km away from Kasauli, it will take around one hour to reach this place. The best way to explore Timber Trail is on your return journey as it is located in Parwanoo. Otherwise, you can take a taxi to reach Timber Trail from Kasauli

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