About Monkey Point


Monkey Point is one of the most popular interesting tourist spot to visit in Kasauli. The name is Monkey Point because of the monkeys living in this area. It is an enchanting place, filled with natural beauty, surrounded by the majestic mountains, the dense forests covering the hill slope, the green valleys of the surrounding area, the stunning landscape and the pleasant weather.

When in Monkey Point Kasauli, Things You Can Enjoy

When you reach the top of the Monkey Point, you can see glimpses of the Choor Chandni Peak, and the Satluj Rivers. You can even the snow covered mountains in the distant. 

The Monkey Point also has an ancient temple at the top of the hill, dedicated to Lord Hanuman. According to the famous Hindu mythology, it is believed that the foot of Lord Hanuman touched this peak while he was on his way to get Sanjeevani Booti for treating Lord Lakshman. This is a spiritual place for the devotees who come to offer their prayers and seek their blessings. 

Monkey Point, as the name suggests it is full of monkeys. While trekking to the top of the peak, although they are playful, try to keep safe distance from them. 

While trekking all the way up to the peak, you will be welcomed by the lush green forests covered with evergreen trees, the stunning landscape and the views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Once you reach the top you can offer your prayers at the temple and enjoy a serene view of the mountains. 

The trek to Monkey Point is invigorating, offering a chance to enjoy the natural beauty and the fresh mountain air. The path is well-defined, making it a pleasant hike for visitors.

The refreshing cool mountain breeze and the breathtaking scenery of the landscape will rejuvenate your senses, relax for some time and enjoy the peaceful aura of the surrounding.

Monkey Point is one of the must visit places when in Kasauli as it offers, charming views of the mountain ranges, the serene location, the spiritual importance, the dense forests and the monkeys living in this area. Tourists will simply love this place, whether you are a nature lover, adventurer, photographer, or someone seeking for some peace of mind, this place is one of the best for the said reasons.

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Monkey Point


The Monkey Point in Kasauli is open from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM for visitors. Tourists are advised to visit during daylight for safety reasons as the trek is rugged terrain and as the name suggests the area is full of monkeys.

How to Reach The Monkey Point in Kasauli?

Monkey Point is located not far from Kasauli main hub, local taxis are easily available from the main town to the base of the Monkey Point, from here the tourists have enjoy a short trek to the top of the hill. 

For those planning a trek to Monkey Point can opt for trekking from Kasauli, with the help of a trekking tour specialist to Monkey Point.

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