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Kasuali is a beautiful hill station located in the breathtaking Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh. It is surrounded by the majestic mountain ranges, green valleys, the dense forest comprising of pine and deodar, the old colonial charm and the serene atmosphere. And the Mall Road is located in the heart of Kasauli, it is the commercial hub and offers a blend of colonial charm, modernization and natural beauty. 

Mall Road is in fact the central place for all the bustling activities. It is easy to reach whether you are staying afar or near. While walking around the Mall Road you will enjoy the scenic view and the its easy accessibility. 

Mall Road is the first place to visit once they reach Kasauli, tourists will be mesmerized by the old and new shops lined up, restaurants and cafes and most importantly pleasant atmosphere. Tourists must plan to visit Kasauli to enjoy a serene and laid back atmosphere.

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Mall Road

When in Mall Road Kasauli, Things You Can Enjoy

When in Mall Road, the first thing you can do is check out the shops to buy some items like warm clothes, handmade items, and beautiful souvenirs to take back home. You can buy traditional Himachali shawl which is famous here and the handmade items like the local Himachali jewellery.

After enjoying your shopping you can visit one of the cafes to enjoy a sip of coffee while relaxing and enjoying the views of the stunning mountain ranges, the beautiful landscape and the lush green forest surrounding the area. It completely offers a peaceful aura.

For some glimpses into the historical era, visit the Christ Church which is located near the Mall Road. As like many other colonial churches this church is also in Gothic architectural style and comprises of stained glass windows. It is surrounded by the beautiful hills and green landscape adding a touch of beauty to this old colonial British era church built in 1853.

This is also the best spot for enjoying photography sessions, the natural beauty, the beautiful shops, the old colonial buildings and the lively market atmosphere makes it the perfect spot to click photos.

In the evening you can enjoy walking around the Mall Road, the beautiful pathways, and the pleasant air will rejuvenate your senses. Also, a few walking distance away is the Sunset Point where you can enjoy the sunset views.


The Mall is usually open all throughout the day, however the shops and the restaurants starts opening by 9.00 AM and closes by almost 9.00 PM.

How to Reach Mall Road in Kasauli?

If you are staying in the hub of Kasauli, it is walking distance; tourists can enjoy a pleasant walk to the place. If you are staying a bit far local taxis are available.

From Kasauli bus stand it is only walking distance to the Mall Road. Since it is located in the hub of Kasauli it is easily reachable by a short walk from anywhere in Kasauli.

Best Place to Visit in Kasauli


Kasuali is small hill station located in the Himalayan ranges, the town is filled with some of the best tourist places to visit, whether you are a history lover or nature lover, you are going to simply love this place. Here is a list of some of the best places to visit in Kasauli.

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