Best Place to Visit in Kasauli


Kasuali is small hill station located in the Himalayan ranges, the town is filled with some of the best tourist places to visit, whether you are a history lover or nature lover, you are going to simply love this place. Here is a list of some of the best places to visit in Kasauli.

Mall Road

Kasuali is a beautiful hill station located in the breathtaking Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh. It is surrounded by the majestic mountain ranges, green valleys, the dense forest comprising of pine and deodar, the old colonial charm and the serene atmosphere. And the Mall Road is located in the heart of Kasauli, it is the commercial hub and offers a blend of colonial charm, modernization and natural beauty.

Mall Road is in fact the central place for all the bustling activities. It is easy to reach whether you are staying afar or near.

Christ Church

Christ Church is one of the most important tourist places in Kasauli. This church is located near Mall Road. It is a colonial era church built by the Britishers in 1853. The church is designed in Gothic architectural style. The architectural style of the building is simply beautiful with stained glass windows representing the colonial heritage of the bygone era. 

The Christ Church is located in a beautiful near the Mall Road, overlooking the town, and representing rich cultural heritage of the bygone era. Those history buffs will love known about the architectural design of this church, its history, and how wonderful

Monkey Point

Monkey Point is one of the most popular interesting tourist spot to visit in Kasauli. The name is Monkey Point because of the monkeys living in this area. It is an enchanting place, filled with natural beauty, surrounded by the majestic mountains, the dense forests covering the hill slope, the green valleys of the surrounding area, the stunning landscape and the pleasant weather.

When you reach the top of the Monkey Point, you can see glimpses of the Choor Chandni Peak, and the Satluj Rivers. You can even the snow covered mountains in the distant.

The Monkey Point also has an ancient temple at the top of the hill, dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

Kasauli Brewery

Kasauli Brewery is one of the oldest distilleries not only in India, but in Asia. This brewery was established in 1820 and is located near Kasauli, filled with history and for production of high quality spirits and whisky. Travelers visiting this brewery will find themselves to travel back to time, knowing about the history of the place, checking out the modern brewing techniques.

Visitors will be able to learn about the history of the place, take a guided tour around the brewery. In the tour of the brewery visitors will be able to know about the traditional methods used in the past for distillation

Gilbert Trail

Gibert Trail is situated in a breathtaking location in Kasauli. It is surrounded by the peaceful scenery, green meadows, beautiful hills and the verdant valleys. This Gilbert Trail is around 1.5 km long, perfect for travelers hoping to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city lifestyle. It is ideal for nature lovers, bird lovers and those seeking calm and composed environment for some peaceful time to themselves.

Nature lovers can enjoy a walk around the Gilbert Trail. The trail is line with beautiful trees on both sides, when you start walking this green vegetation

Sunset Point

One of the most important tourist spot to visit in Kasauli is the Sunset Point, which is one of the most common spots to watch the sunset in the evening among the locals. The spot is located in upper Mall Road; it is one of the best spot to view the surrounding landscape. The ideal setting of the point makes it one of the best visited spots among the locals, tourists and photographers.

The main attraction of the Sunset Point is to enjoy the views of the sunset in the evening. The point simply allows viewing the beautiful sun setting down among the beautiful mountain ranges, the green valleys and the charming meadows.

Timber Trail

Timber Trail is located in Parwanoo and is one of the popular tourist destination located near Kasauli. This place is blessed with beautiful hills, green valleys, charming meadows and evergreen trees. Tourists visit this place to enjoy the cable car ride. It is the perfect spot for scenic lovers, nature enthusiasts, adventure lovers and those seeking for some peaceful time.

One of the best things to do in Timber Trail is the cable car ride. It is one of the best experiences; it connects two hilltops across a deep gorge. The ride offers views of the lush green forests, gorges, and majestic mountains in the distant.

Baptist Church

Baptist Church is one of the important tourists spot in Kasauli as well as an important landmark of the area. This Church was built during the colonial period, representing the charm of the bygone era. The Baptist Church was built in 1923, but the Britishers. This church is located on the Lower Mall Road and is surrounded by the breathtaking views of the hills, the green valleys, the meadows and the evergreen trees.

The Baptist Church represents beautiful architectural style, as most other churches built by the British in Himachal Pradesh this church is also built in Gothic architectural style.

Gurkha Fort

Gurkha Fort is situated in the breathtaking location of Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh. This fort is a historical that was built in the 19th century. This fort represents the strategic power of the Gurkhas in Himachal Pradesh. The fort is surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the hills, the green valleys and the evergreen trees. It is the perfect spot for nature lovers and adventure lovers.

Explore the ruins of this historical fort of the bygone era. Tourists can even see the old cannons of this historical fort of the Gurkha soldiers.

Lower Mall

Lower Mall Road is located in Kasauli and is one of the happening places for tourists. The place comprises of shops, cafes, restaurants and old colonial buildings. The Lower Mall Road is a must visit tourist place in Kasauli. Tourists can have a wonderful shopping experience.

As the lane is full of wonderful shops for buying clothes, shawls, stalls, etc, tourists can enjoy shopping in this location. It also lets you buy unique souvenirs to take back home. It is one of the best places to buy gift items.

Tourists after shopping can enjoy a coffee or have a lunch at one of the restaurants or cafes

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