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Stroll Around the Tea Gardens in Dharamkot


Walking around the tea gardens in Dharamkot is one of the most charming experiences, the stroll lets you take a glimpse of the vast tea gardens, surrounding hills, green valleys, evergreen trees, and take the pleasure of the pleasant weather of the region.

Dharamkot is a small village located near Dharamshala and is famous for its breathtaking beauty. Visitors will simply love visiting this beautiful village filled with rolling hills and scenic beauty.

As you make your way towards the small trails of the tea gardens, you will love the aroma of the tea leaves and the soothing mountain breeze. The fresh tea leaves growing in the gardens, against the backdrop of the beautiful Dhauladhar mountain ranges, surrounded by the green valleys. When you walk through the tea gardens you will love the cool mountain breeze blowing and rejuvenating your senses.

The tea gardens in Dharamkot also offer opportunities for visitors to check the tea making process, how the plucked leaves are dried, and packed, etc. Some of the tea estates available in Dharamkot also offers guided tours for exploring the tea gardens, engage in tea plucking activity, see the tea making process and engage in some tea tasting sessions. A walk around the tea gardens in Dharamkot is one of the most serene and peaceful activity to indulge in.

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Best Time to Stroll Around the Tea Gardens in Dharamkot

The best time to walk around the Tea Gardens in Dharamkot is during the months from March to June when the temperature is favorable. Another best month is from September to November, when the weather is suitable for tea plantation.

How to Reach Dharamkot for Strolling in the Tea Gardens?

Dharamkot is around 6.5 km away from Dharamshala, tourists can either take a bus or taxi till Dharamkot from Dharamshala. But for a convenient travel experience tourists should opt for a taxi.

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