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Things to Do in Dalhousie


Dharamshala is located in one of the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh, owning to its stunning landscape and vast greenery, and many natural wonders, historical and cultural places to visit, there are many things to do in Dharamshala:

Trek to Triund

One of the famous trekking spot near Dharamshala is Triund. The trek to the peak is surrounded by majestic snow covered mountains, the green valleys, the dense forest comprising of evergreen trees like deodar, wildflowers, and the wildlife as well. Once you reach the top you will be able to see the views of the breathtaking Dhauladhar mountain ranges and the Kangra Valley.
The Triund trek starts from Dharamkot which is around 2 km from the main hub of McLeod Ganj, from here the trek starts. This trek route is both for beginners and experienced trekkers.

Paragliding in Bir Billing

Paragliding in Bir Billing is one of the most thrilling activities offered near Dharamshala. In fact Paragliding in Bir Billing is famous around the world for its exciting paragliding experience. Once you are soaring high you will be able to see the beauty of the landscape and the high mountain ranges from above. The mighty Dhauladhar ranges provides an exciting experience from top of the sky, flying like a bird and having a birds eye to see the landscape below.
This activity is available for beginners, moderate and experienced paragliders, offered with the help of the expert instructors and tour operators of the region

Camping and Bonfires in Dharamshala

Another fun activity to engage in Dharamshala is camping and bonfire. There are many places in Dharamshala that offers camping and bonfire activities. Most of the camping sites are located in the beautiful mountain ranges, the green valleys, the dense forests, riverside, and lake side. Based on the preference tourists can choose wherever they want to enjoy camping activities.
Camping allows you to have a serene and peaceful stay among the breathtaking mountain ranges, the green valleys, the dense forests comprising of deodar and oak trees, and the varied wildlife living in the region.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling in Dharamshala

Rock climbing and rappelling is one of the most exciting activities to indulge in when in Dharamshala. Dharamshal is located in the beautiful Kangra Valley, it is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure sports lovers. Those tourists who simply want to have an adventurous and relaxation should definitely opt for this activity.
Dharamshala has many rugged hills and rocky terrain, those tourists who want to engage in some challenging activities in Dharamshala can choose rock climbing. This activity can be done by beginners, moderate climbers and experienced climbers.

Stroll around the Tea Gardens in Dharamkot

Walking around the tea gardens in Dharamkot is one of the most charming experiences, the stroll lets you take a glimpse of the vast tea gardens, surrounding hills, green valleys, evergreen trees, and take the pleasure of the pleasant weather of the region.

Dharamkot is a small village located near Dharamshala and is famous for its breathtaking beauty. Visitors will simply love visiting this beautiful village filled with rolling hills and scenic beauty.

As you make your way towards the small trails of the tea gardens

Meditation and Yoga Retreats in Dharamshala

Meditation and yoga retreats are one of the most common activities for having a rejuvenating experience. As Dharamshala is famous for its beautiful location, surrounded by breathtaking views of the grand mountain ranges, the green valleys, the dense forests comprising of evergreen trees, the quaint villages and the pleasant weather, this makes Dharamshala one of the best spots for peaceful retreat activities like meditation and yoga.

Dharamshala is home to the Tibetan refugees from Tibet, actually the Tibetan government in exile. 

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