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Meditation and Yoga Retreats in Dharamshala


Meditation and yoga retreats are one of the most common activities for having a rejuvenating experience. As Dharamshala is famous for its beautiful location, surrounded by breathtaking views of the grand mountain ranges, the green valleys, the dense forests comprising of evergreen trees, the quaint villages and the pleasant weather, this makes Dharamshala one of the best spots for peaceful retreat activities like meditation and yoga.

Dharamshala is home to the Tibetan refugees from Tibet, actually the Tibetan government in exile. The Tibetan community people are followers of Tibetan Buddhism; they offer prayers in the form of chanting and meditating, hence one of the best spots for meditation and yoga learning.

There are many meditation sessions organized in most of the institutes located in Dharamshala. The tourists can attend different meditation and yoga sessions like short-term or long-term sessions.

Participants can indulge in yoga sessions that teach general physical postures, and breathing techniques. The serene and peaceful location provides the perfect place for indulging in such activity. Attending these sessions will help the tourists to calm their senses, and help to reduce their stress.

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Best Time for Meditation and Yoga Retreats in Dharamshala

For meditation and yoga retreats in Dharamshala, it can be visited all through the year to attend such activity. But the best time to visit is March to June and from September to November, as the weather remains favorable to explore the region.

How to Reach the Meditation and Yoga Retreat Centers in Dharamshala?

Tourists planning to visit Dharamshala can easily reach by taking a bus or hired cab from Delhi. Also, tourist can also take a flight to Dharamshala. The nearest airport is Kangra Airport which is around 13.2 km, it will only take 27 minutes to reach Dharamshala main hub.

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