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War Memorial in Dharamshala


The War Memorial Dharamshala is one of the important tourist attraction sites in Dharamshala. This war memorial is located in the main town of Dharamshala, and is dedicated to the soldiers who have scarified their lives for this country. The war memorial is located amidst the beautiful landscape, filled with greenery.
This war memorial was built honor of the soldiers from Himachal Pradesh who have sacrificed their life for the nation during the various wars, including the World War I and World War II. It was inaugurated in 1972 as a mark of respect for the soldier of the Indian Armed Forces.
The war memorial has a pillar in the center; you have to make your way through the stairs to reach the pillars. On the pillar visitors can see the inscription, their names of the soldiers who have sacrificed their life are inscribed and their bravery work. The pillar is surrounded beautiful flowers, different types of trees, trails to walk around, and benches and seating area to simply sit and admire the serene beauty of the location.
Tourist must definitely visit this place, as this place gives you a chance to respect the brave soldiers who have sacrificed their life for the people. The peaceful atmosphere of the surrounding area, make this place one of the important places to visit.

The best months to visit War Memorial in Dharamshala are during the spring months that is from March to June and during the autumn months from September to November.

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War Memorial in Dharamshala

How to Reach War Memorial in Dharamshala?

To reach this war memorial in Dharamshala, you can either take a taxi or walk till the place if you are staying in Dharamshala. It is located near the main market of Dharamshala so it is best to enjoy a short walk if you are staying in Dharamshala.

Best Place to Visit in Dharamshala


As Dharamshala is a beautiful hill-station with natural beauty, flora and fauna, landscape, temples and cultural places, tourists can visit a lot of places. Here is a list of some of the best places to visit in Dharamshala:

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