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Kangra Fort Near Dharamshala

Kangra Fort is one of the oldest forts in India, history lovers should definitely visit this place to know in-depth about the history of the place. The Kangra Fort is located in Kangra Valley near Dharamshala on top of a hill. It is located on top of a hill overlooking the green valley and the high mountains in the distant. This majestic fort was built by the royal family of Kangra, it is thousand years old and dates back to the kingdom of Trigarta. The Kangra Fort comprises of stunning architectural designs, with beautiful cravings on the walls. The fort walls are made of thick stone which makes the fort strong. As you make your way through the fort you will be welcomed a number of gates, each with a name. Once you reach the top of the fort you can see Banganga and Manjhi rivers merging together. Inside the complex of the fort you can find many beautiful ancient temples like the Ambika Devi Temple, and Narayan Temple. All the temples comprise of stunning carvings on the stones and beautiful sculptures, these designs of the fort showcases how grand it must have been in the past. The Kangra Fort has also witnessed many great battles and invasions, but still standing strong. This fort was of great significance for the Mughals and the Britishers as well. Tourists visiting Dharamshala should definitely visit this place, as it is the jewel of this valley. The fort also includes a beautiful park at the bottom near the entry gate and a small museum, which comprises of ancient sculptures, artifacts, weapons and historical documents. The fort not only lets you know the history of the bygone era but also offers breathtaking views of the surrounding, the scenic landscape, the green valley, the charming flowing river, and the lush green vegetation. The fort offers one of the best sunrise and sunset views.
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Kangra Fort Near Dharamshala

Best Time to Visit Kangra Fort Near Dharamshala

The best time to visit Kangra Fort near Dharamshala is from March to June (which is the summer season) and from November to December (which is the autumn season). These months are best for exploring the fort as the temperature remains pleasant and the weather is favorable.

How to Reach Kangra Fort from Dharamshala?

Kangra Fort is located around 20 km from Dharamshala, to reach the fort you can either take a local bus till Kangra town and from there you have to take a taxi or auto. And otherwise, travelers can take a local taxi till the entry gate of the fort from Dharamshala according to your convenience.

Best Place to Visit in Dharamshala


As Dharamshala is a beautiful hill-station with natural beauty, flora and fauna, landscape, temples and cultural places, tourists can visit a lot of places. Here is a list of some of the best places to visit in Dharamshala:

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