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Dal Lake Near McLeod Ganj


Dal Lake is one of the beautiful lakes in McLeod Ganj, which will remind you of the Dal Lake in Kashmir. Not exactly similar but Dal Lake is also surrounded by the majestic views of the mountain ranges, a beautiful park, comprising of forests covered with evergreen trees and the wildflowers of some kind are found sometimes growing.
On all the four sides the Dal Lake is surrounded by the forest comprising of deodar, it is a small oasis in the midst of serene and beautiful mountain ranges and green valleys. In the spring season, the reflection of the trees can be seen in the water of the lake.
The Dal Lake is one of the favorite picnic spot for the locals and the tourists. Visitors can walk around the park, or relax in the vast green grasses of the surrounding area, and simply admire the view and enjoy a delicious lunch. This spot is both for nature lovers and photographers; they can admire the beautiful birds, the green trees, the beautiful location of the lake and the stunning landscape.
The Dal Lake also has a very spiritual significane as a temple is located dedicated to Lord Shiv, devotees should visit this temple and offer their prayers to the Lord and seek blessings from the Lord. So, Dal Lake is not only a beautiful destination for the nature and adventure lovers, but spiritual lovers should also visit this place.

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Dal Lake in McLeod Ganj

Best Time to Visit Dal Lake Near McLeod Ganj

The best time to visit Dal Lake near McLeod Ganj is from March to June that is during the summer months when the temperature is pleasant to explore and from September to November during autumn posts when the weather is calm and serene offering a cool vibe.

How to Reach Dal Lake Near McLeod Ganj From Dharamshala?

Dal Lake is near McLeod Ganj, tourists will have to take a bus from Dharamshala to McLeod Ganj, and then a taxi to reach this spot. However it is suggested that tourists should take local taxi from Dharamshala to Dal Lake near McLeod Ganj for an easy pick and drop service.

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