Trek to Satdhara Falls


Trekking to Satdhara Falls offers a soothing experience for the tourists. Those tourists who are looking for some adventurous activity and want to be close to nature, they should opt for this trek. 

The Satdhara Falls is located around 24 km away from Dalhousie. Many tour guides are available to help you with your trekking trip to Satdhara Falls. The trek is both for beginners and moderate trekkers.

While trekking to Satdhara Falls, trekkers will be welcomed by the scenic views of the mountains, the green valleys, the charming meadows, the thick forest comprising of pine trees, the cascading waterfalls and the pleasant weather of the surrounding, makes it ideal spot for trekking. It is the best opportunity for nature lovers to get closer to the untouched beauty and for photographers to capture every shot filled with beauty.

Also trekkers will come across natural pools and streams, which are formed by the Satdhara Falls, it becomes the perfect chance for trekkers to take a dip in these natural pools for refreshing your senses and relaxation. As you relax you can hear the sounds of the birds and the waterfalls.

What tourists can expect in this trek to Satdhara Falls?

While trekking to the Satdhara Falls, trekkers can enjoy the beauty of the place, the view of the waterfalls, the surrounding mountains, the green valleys, and the forest covered with pine trees, everything about this place is mesmerizing. There are many local stalls and eateries located in the vicinity, if you are hungry while trekking, you can enjoy your lunch at one of these stalls.

Photographers can enjoy capturing photos of the charming landscape, the surrounding mountains, the verdant valleys, the pine trees covering the area and the beautiful waterfalls falling from a height. Trekkers can completely engage in relaxing and rejuvenating their senses. It’s in fact a chance for trekkers to engross themselves in the natural beauty of the falls and relieving their senses.

Trek to Satdhara Falls is a beneficial, tourists visiting Dalhousie should definitely enjoy a trek to the Satdhara Falls, don’t worry, the trek is not dangerous and all can trek starting from beginners to moderate trekkers. But it is suggested that if you are not aware of the area and have never engaged in trekking, opt for a tour guide who provides trekking to Satdhara Falls. This was you are on a safe side and enjoying your trek as well

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Trek to Satdhara Falls

Best Time to Visit Satdhara Falls for Trekking

The best time to visit Satdhara Falls for trekking is during the months from April to June which are the summer months and from September to November which are the autumn months. During these months the weather is simply favorable for trekking.

How to Reach Satdhara Falls from Dalhousie?

Since, Satdhara Falls is only 24 km away from Dalhousie, local buses and taxis are easily available to Satdhara Falls. You can easily opt for any one of the options from Dalhousie main town. In case you have opted for trekking to Satdhara Falls, you can enjoy your trek from designated trek points from the trekking routes you have chosen based on your fitness level.

Things to Do in Dalhousie


Engaging in different activities in Dalhousie lets you enjoy a fresh array of experiences, perfectly set in the Himalayan lap. This relaxing holiday spot invites tourists to pamper trekking through the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, themselves in boating at Chamera Lake, visiting Chamunda Devi Temple, and many other exciting activities. With the Dalhousie Tour Package, you’re guaranteed a memorable journey in between the breathtaking natural mountain ranges. Here is a list of top things to do:

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