Shopping at Tibetan Handicrafts Market


After exploring all the beautiful places in Dalhousie, enjoy shopping at Tibetan Handicrafts Market in Dalhousie, which a delightful authentic experience. Visitors can buy Tibetan handicraft items, cultural artifacts and souvenirs. 

Tibetan Handicrafts Market in Dalhousie is located at the heart of the town, so you can easily visit the market for shopping by walking. However, it depends where you are staying in Dalhousie, if you are staying in the town, it just walking distance in the hub of the commercial area.

What to expect at the Tibetan Handicrafts Market in Dalhousie?

Here you can engross in appreciating and enjoy buying the local Tibetan handicraft items like prayer flags, stunning traditional paintings, jewellery, woolen clothes, carpets, thanga paintings, and souvenirs. These items are made by the local Tibetan artisans that represent their tradition and culture.

Indulge in knowing the local culture and traditions of the people as you walk around the market. You can enjoy a simple interaction with the local vendors; learn about the significance of the items like the paintings, and other traditional items.

The Tibetan Handicrafts Market in Dalhousie offers unique items according to your preferences and budget; you can take back home amazing souvenirs. And don’t worry you can bargain for the items you have selected to buy, bargaining is one of the common things you can find here.

After enjoying your shopping in Tibetan Handicrafts Market in Dalhousie, you can enjoy a delicious snack or lunch at one of the Tibetan restaurants or cafes. You can enjoy local Tibetan thukpa, dim sums, vegetable shaptra, etc. 

Shopping in this vibrant market, you simply get engrossed in the vibrancy of the market, the local people, culture, the traditions, the handmade items, etc, everything provides a unique experience. Tourists should definitely visit Tibetan Handicrafts Market in Dalhousie to have a wonderful unique shopping experience.

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Shopping at Tibetan Handicrafts Market

Best Time to Visit the Tibetan Handicrafts Market in Dalhousie

The best time to visit the Tibetan Handicrafts Market is from April to June during the summer season and September to November during the autumn season. These two seasons are actually the tourist seasons, tourists who are hoping to enjoy a pleasant weather and walking around and enjoying shopping.

How to Reach Tibetan Handicrafts Market in Dalhousie?

If you are planning to visit Tibetan Handicrafts Market in Dalhousie it is actually at a walking distance if you are staying in Dalhousie town, you will love walking to the market from your nearby hotel in Dalhousie town. But if you are staying a bit far from Dalhousie you can reach the place by taking a taxi or by a local bus.

Things to Do in Dalhousie


Engaging in different activities in Dalhousie lets you enjoy a fresh array of experiences, perfectly set in the Himalayan lap. This relaxing holiday spot invites tourists to pamper trekking through the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, themselves in boating at Chamera Lake, visiting Chamunda Devi Temple, and many other exciting activities. With the Dalhousie Tour Package, you’re guaranteed a memorable journey in between the breathtaking natural mountain ranges. Here is a list of top things to do:

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