Things to Do in Mcleod Ganj


McLeod Ganj is located in one of the breathtaking locations in Himachal Pradesh, so the region is loaded many things to do according to the interest of the tourists. Here is a list of some of the things to do in McLeod Ganj

Trek to Triund in Mcleod Ganj

One of the most adventurous experiences in McLeod Ganj is opting for a trek to Triund. In fact it is one of the most recommended activities, as the trek offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains ranges, the snow covered majestic peaks and complete peace. The view of the landscape is simply awe-inspiring.
The trek is for moderate and experienced trekkers, as the trek is 9 km long and that’s one-way, and the trek comprises of rugged and rocky terrain, slanting hills, and when you are about to reach the top of the peak, the 2 km trek to the top is very slanting and a bit risky.

Stroll till the Bhagsu Nag Waterfall

Bhagsu Nag Waterfall is situated in McLeod Ganj, it is only 2 km away from the hub of McLeod Ganj. So tourists can either walk till the falls or take a taxi till the parking space. The trail to the Bhagsu Nag waterfall is uphill and comprises of stone steps. To reach the top to watch the waterfalls it will take around 30 minutes or more depending on your level of stamina. But it is worth walking uphill, as the waterfalls is perched between the beautiful hills, the scenic landscape and the rich vegetation.
Once you reach the top it is really a awe-inspiring situation

Strolling around Dal Lake

Dal Lake is a small lake near McLeod Ganj, it is located in a beautiful setting surrounded by the grand Himalayan mountain ranges and the dense forests comprising of evergreen trees. It offers a peaceful retreat from the chaotic lifestyle, allowing visitors to relax and enjoy the peaceful aura of the surrounding. With such an enchanting atmosphere, visitors can enjoy here a stroll and picnic or sit and relax admiring the environment.
Dal Lake in McLeod Ganj is located around 3 km away from the main center of the town. Tourists can either take a 3 km walk till the lake or take a local taxi

Shopping at the Tibetan Market in McLeod Ganj

Shopping at the Tibetan Market in McLeod Ganj is one of the most exciting experiences, as it takes you through a vibrant cultural experience. Those visiting McLeod Ganj should definitely visit this place for a wonderful shopping experience, but souvenirs to take back home.
The Tibetan Market in McLeod Ganj comprises of authentic handmade items, traditional Tibetan paintings, singing bowls, prayer flags, woven carpets, traditional garments and woolen clothes. Most of the items in Tibetan Market in McLeod Ganj has cultural and spiritual importance.
Shopping at the Tibetan Market in McLeod Ganj will let you know the culture and traditions

Meditation at Tushita Meditation Centre in McLeod Ganj

Want to engage in some spiritual activities like Meditation in McLeod Ganj, visit the Tushita Meditation Centre in McLeod Ganj which is located around 2 km away from the main hub of McLeod Ganj. This meditation center is famous for providing retreating experience and practicing the Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism.
The Tushita Meditation Centre in McLeod Ganj is surrounded by the beautiful mountain ranges, the green valleys and the forests comprising of evergreen trees. The peaceful environment of the location makes it the best spot for opting for meditation.

Paragliding in Bir Billing

If you are up for some daring adventure actvities then you can opt for paragliding in Bir Billing which is located around 65 kilometers from McLeod Ganj. If you are coming to visit McLeod Ganj, visiting Bir Billing would be a wonderful experience.
Bir Biling is popular as one of the best destination around the world for providing paragliding experience. Not only tourists from India visit this spot, but even international tourists coming to visit India, do visit Bir Billing for paragliding. Paragliding in Bir Billing is not only for moderate and experienced persons, but beginners can also give it a try.

Camping at Kareri Lake

Camping at Kareri Lake is one of the most adventurous activities in McLeod Ganj, tourists hoping to get away from the hustle-bustle and enjoy a serene stay at the top of the mountain, this activity is one of the things to do in McLeod Ganj. The place is famous for its breathtaking beauty, offering scenic views of the location. It’s the perfect spot for the trekkers wishing to stay under the starry sky, surrounded by the snow covered mountains, green valleys, and the dense forest covered with evergreen trees.

The trek to the Kareri Lake for camping is filled with adventure

Rock Climbing and Rappelling in McLeod Ganj

Rock Climbing and Rappelling in McLeod Ganj is one of the most adventurous activity offered in the region. The rugged terrains, the hilly mountain ranges, and the high mountain ranges make it the perfect spot for this activity. This region is perfect for beginners to try Rock Climbing and Rappelling, as it is not that dangerous. Tourists can try this activity.

However, climbers should opt for different climbing routes according to their skill level, the tour operators for Rock Climbing and Rappelling in McLeod Ganj will suggest according to your skill level. For beginners they usually suggest the easy climbing routes. It is always better to take guidance of the expert

Mountain Biking in McLeod Ganj

Mountain biking is another thrilling way to engage in the adventurous activities of the region. It is one of the best ways to explore the mountain ranges of the region, the green valleys, the charming meadows, and the dense forests that houses the oak and deodar trees.

Mountain Biking in McLeod Ganj has different trails depending on the skill level of the mountain bikers. For beginners they can opt for the less challenging terrain, and the experienced ones can choose the challenging ones. The trail around the biking routes offers serene views of the surrounding landscape, the verdant valleys and the varied species of flora and fauna.

River Crossing at Bhagsu Nag in McLeod Ganj

River Crossing at Bhagsu Nag in McLeod Ganj is one of the most experience offering tourists to enjoy a wonderful time, simply crossing the Bhagsu Nag Waterfall in McLeod Ganj which becomes a river when flowing downhill. This activity involves using ropes which is connected from one end to another. The thrill of balancing the rope is one of the most exciting activities.

Bhagsu Nag in McLeod Ganj is famous for its breathtaking and peaceful aura; the waterfall is surrounded by the majestic mountain ranges, the verdant landscape, the evergreen trees, and the charming flow of the river, hence making it one of the best tourist places

Night Camping in the Dhauladhar Range

Night camping in the Dhauladhar Range will feel like you have visited another land, as it is located at one of the most breathtaking location, and the clear starry sky. Camping under the starry skies in the Dhauladhar Range is a thrilling adventurous experience. 

It is the best way to stay in a place away from the chaotic lifestyle. Also one of the best chances to treat yourself to a serene and peaceful vacation, surrounded by the enchanting snow covered mountain ranges, lush green valleys, the dense forests comprising of rich flora and fauna and the pleasant climate.

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