Trek to Triund in Mcleod Ganj


One of the most adventurous experiences in McLeod Ganj is opting for a trek to Triund. In fact it is one of the most recommended activities, as the trek offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains ranges, the snow covered majestic peaks and complete peace. The view of the landscape is simply awe-inspiring.
The trek is for moderate and experienced trekkers, as the trek is 9 km long and that’s one-way, and the trek comprises of rugged and rocky terrain, slanting hills, and when you are about to reach the top of the peak, the 2 km trek to the top is very slanting and a bit risky. It is best advised to opt for guided trek tour packages for this trek, as it will have the necessary safety equipments, provides camping facilities, bonfire in the evening and meals. Beginners can also give a try trekking to the peak, but with the help of guided tours.
Since the trek route is 9 km long, the time required is around 5 hours or more depending upon the stamina of the trekker.
The trekking trail welcomes, trekkers with dense forests covered with evergreen trees like pine and deodar, varied species of flora and fauna and the rocky slanting terrain which is quite strenuous. But it helps to rejuvenate your senses, lets your body, mind and soul have some inner peace.
The Triund trek is one of the things to do in McLeod Ganj, as it offers tourists with an adventurous experience, while enjoying the views of the Dhauladhar mountain ranges and the Kangra Valley. Watching from the top of the peak is truly a unique experience, letting you connect with nature, away from the chaotic lifestyle.

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Trek to Triund in Mcleod Ganj

Best Time to go for Trekking to Triund in Mcleod Ganj

The best season to opt for the Triund trek in McLeod Ganj is from March to June when the temperature is pleasant to enjoy a trek uphill, the hills will be dry and you won’t slip. Another best season is from September to November when the surrounding looks refreshing with green leaves after the monsoon rain and the weather perfect, with the cool mountain breeze blowing.

How to Reach Triund from McLeod Ganj?

The trek to Triund starts from Dharamkot or from the main hub of McLeod Ganj, depending on the trek option you have selected. If you are trekking from Dharamkot, it is around 2 km away from McLeod Ganj, you can either choose to walk till Dharamkot or take a taxi to reach the point to start your trek.

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