Camping at Kareri Lake


Camping at Kareri Lake is one of the most adventurous activities in McLeod Ganj, tourists hoping to get away from the hustle-bustle and enjoy a serene stay at the top of the mountain, this activity is one of the things to do in McLeod Ganj. The place is famous for its breathtaking beauty, offering scenic views of the location. It’s the perfect spot for the trekkers wishing to stay under the starry sky, surrounded by the snow covered mountains, green valleys, and the dense forest covered with evergreen trees. 

The trek to the Kareri Lake for camping is filled with adventure; trekkers will be welcomed by the dense forest covered with deodar, oak etc. You will also enjoy your trek through the Nyund River, a delightful sight to observe the same. This camping activity to the lake offers a challenging trek, yet adventurous and exciting.

Camping means you will be able to sleep under the starry sky, an excellent opportunity for stargazing lovers to enjoy the clear views of the night sky. It’s your chance to get engrossed in the beauty of the night sky; it offers the perfect combination of adventure, nature experience and offers completely stillness.

When you reach the top of Kareri Lake, you will be happy to see the breathtaking views of the mountain ranges, the snow covered mountains, the lush green valleys and the densely populated forests. It offers the ideal serene vacation to calm your senses, the body, mind and soul.

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Best Time to go for Camping at Kareri Lake from McLeod Ganj

The best time to go for camping at Kareri Lake from McLeod Ganj is from March to June and September to November, as during these months the region is dry and perfect for trekking till the Kareri Lake for camping.

How to Reach Kareri Lake from McLeod Ganj:

In order to reach Kareri Lake from McLeod Ganj, you will have to take a local bus or taxi till Kareri Village, which is around 27 km away from McLeod Ganj. To reach Kareri Village it will take around 2 hours, once you reach here, you will have to trek for around 13 km to reach Kareri Lake for camping. Trekkers will take around 6 hours to reach the Kareri Lake for camping.

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