Tibetan Market in McLeod Ganj


The Tibetan Market in McLeod Ganj is located in the hub of McLeod Ganj, it offers the perfect cultural experience. This market lets tourists enjoy a vibrant aura, full of lively and welcoming people, and the traditional handmade items it offers. Tourists visiting the market can experience the vibrant culture, traditions and rich heritage of the Tibetan refugees in India.

The Tibetan Market in McLeod Ganj is filled with local stalls and shops offering a wide range of products to purchase like Tibetan handmade items, traditional Tibetan paintings, prayer wheels, traditional jewelleries, prayer flags, woolen clothes and unique souvenirs to take back home. Most of the jewelleries are made of rare stones in traditional Tibetan style. Tourists can purchase extra warm clothes at reasonable rates, some of the shawls and stalls found are traditionally designed.

The Tibetan Market in McLeod Ganj is not only about shopping, but it also offers a cultural immersion, tourists will be able to interact with the locals, know about their lifestyle, learn about the meaning behind the traditional items, each traditional item found in the market has special meaning. 

Do visit the Tibetan Market in McLeod Ganj, as it also offers economical support to the Tibetan refugees, appreciate their craftsmanship and do buy a souvenir to take back home, as memories to cherish forever. It is one of the best experiences in McLeod Ganj, tourists will love exploring the market.

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Tibetan Market in McLeod Ganj

Best Time to Visit Tibetan Market in McLeod Ganj

The best time to visit the Tibetan Market in McLeod Ganj is from March to June and from September to November, when the temperature is pleasant to walk around the market.

How to Reach Tibetan Market in McLeod Ganj?

The Tibetan Market in McLeod Ganj is located in the center of McLeod Ganj, it is easily reachable from anywhere in the two. The market is in fact close to the Dalai Lama temple, so tourists can explore the market for shopping after their visit to the temple.

Best Place to Visit in McLeod Ganj


McLeod Ganj is filled with eternal beauty, the serene mountain ranges surrounding the hill station, the vast green valleys, the dense forests covered with evergreen trees, and the spiritual significance of the region makes it the best tourist destination. Here is a list of the best places to visit in McLeod Ganj:

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