Kora Circuit in McLeod Ganj


The Kora Circuit is one of the beautiful walking paths encircling the Tsuglagkhang Complex, it is considered one of the most spiritual location as it is the residence of his holiness Dalai Lama. The pilgrims offer their prayers here and meditate.

The Kora circuit is full of prayer flags, prayer wheels and small shrines, offering visitors to get a glimpse of the rich Tibetan culture and tradition. The path also offers views of the surrounding mountain ranges, the verdant valleys, and the scenic view of the landscape and the spiritual aura of the area.

To walk around the entire Kora circuit, it will take around 45 minutes or depending upon your pace, like if you are taking time to pray and meditate and simply sitting and watching the views. As you stroll around Kora Circuit you will find prayer flags and wheels. The spinning wheels with some spiritual inscription are believed to release mantras to the universe. 

Tourists must definitely visit this spot for a peaceful atmosphere, perfect to engage in meditation and prayers. Join the local in their daily prayers, chant mantras, and try to connect to your inner self, it will surely help you to gain spirituality.

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Kora Circuit in McLeod Ganj

Best Time to Visit Kora Circuit in McLeod Ganj

The best time to visit Kora Circuit in McLeod Ganj is during the summer and autumn months, when the weather is pleasant t walk around. The summer months start from March to June and the autumn months start from September to November.

How to Reach Kora Circuit in McLeod Ganj?

The Kora Circuit is located at the heart of McLeod Ganj, you can easily reach on foot.  Start walking from the main square area of McLeod Ganj, towards Tsuglagkhang Complex, once you reach near the complex, walk around the Kora Circuit.

Best Place to Visit in McLeod Ganj


McLeod Ganj is filled with eternal beauty, the serene mountain ranges surrounding the hill station, the vast green valleys, the dense forests covered with evergreen trees, and the spiritual significance of the region makes it the best tourist destination. Here is a list of the best places to visit in McLeod Ganj:

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