About Khajjiar Lake


Khajjiar Lake is one of the central attractions of the region; the lake is situated amidst a vast green field, surrounded by the breathtaking views of the mountain ranges, the dense forests covered with deodar and pine trees, the green valleys, the charming meadows and the pleasant climate. This charming spot lets you get away from the hustle-bustle of daily life, tourists can enjoy some peaceful time here, simply relaxing and enjoying the views.

Khajjiar Lake

Things to do in Khajjiar Lake

Khajjiar Lake is located in the midst of verdant forests, tourists can enjoy here walking around the vast green field and simply appreciating the nature at its best. Tourists can also a small picnic here near the Khajjiar Lake, after exploring the region, enjoy a packed picnic lunch admiring the beauty of the place, its surrounding hills, the verdant forests and the perfect pleasant weather, ideal for relaxation and having a peaceful time.

Adventure lovers can engage in activities like horse riding and zorbing. Explore the vicinity of the area, the open green fields and the surrounding trails of the forest with a thrilling horse ride experience. Another popular activity of the region is zorbing, a person is placed inside a big transparent ball and rolled down the hill. This activity is available near the lake.

Photography lovers can indulge in taking photos of the surrounding hills, the vast open green fields, the forest surrounding the green field around the lake, the sunrise and sunset, thus adding more options for clicking the best photos.

Best Time to visit Khajjiar Lake

The best time to visit Khajjiar Lake is from March to June during the summer months when the temperature is simply pleasant and from September to November during the autumn months after the monsoon rain, when the region looks simply refreshing and greener. The region is filled with varied species of flora and it looks rejuvenating.

How to Reach Khajjiar Lake from Khajjiar?

Khajjiar lake is located in the main town of Khajjiar and reaching the tourist spot is very easy. When you reach the town, you can simply walk towards the Khajjiar Lake, sign boards with arrows are available, simply follow the signs.

Walking towards the lake is the most exciting experience, as you will be welcomed by the breathtaking beauty of the region. If you are staying a bit far from the town, tourists can take a taxi, they can park their taxi at the parking lot, available near the spot.

Best Place to Visit in Khajjiar


Khajjiar is one of the best spot for those looking for a peaceful retreat among the breathtaking Himalayan mountain ranges, the breathtaking beauty of the place and dense forests. Whether you are engage in exploring the Khajjiar Lake, the Khajji Nag temple, the Panch Pandav tree, or engage in thrilling activities of the region.

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