About Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary


Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is another tourist spot located near Khajjiar, with its breathtaking beauty, charming meadows and the enchanting landscape welcomes tourists to have a memorable experience in the midst of a nature.
This Wildlife Sanctuary is around 30.69 square kilometers in size and is home to some of the varied species of flora and fauna. The Wildlife Sanctuary offers scenic views of the surrounding location, hence making it one of the best tourists spot to visit near Khajjiar.


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Things to do in Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

The Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is home to some of the unique species of fauna like the snow leopard, the mountain deer, the Himalayan black bears and the variety of bird species. Tourists are requested to visit the wildlife sanctuary with the help of a guide for exploring the region and for safety purpose. Also, while watching the wildlife always watch from faraway, follow safety measures while exploring the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary.
Adventure loving tourists will love exploring the region, as exploring the sanctuary means engaging a trek, there are several trails to explore the region. Based on the level of your stamina choose a trail that you can easily trek. The different trails of the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, allows visitors to get closer to nature and wildlife.
Due to its natural beauty, varied species of the flora and fauna, the surrounding views of the mountains, the verdant valleys, and the appealing meadows, it is one of the best spot for photographers, they can capture the beauty of the place.
The Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is also one of the best spot for bird lovers, due to the varied species of flora, many birds live in this forests, thus making it one of the must visit places for bird watchers.
The Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is in fact one of the best spot for those seeking peace, the atmosphere os simply pleasant to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Best Time to Visit in Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

The best time to visit Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is during the month of March to June and from September to November when the temperature is simply pleasant. Tourists will love exploring the place, as the trail around the sanctuary is dry, and the wild animals are often seen roaming around.
Also, in the autumn season, after the monsoon rain, the region is filled with greenery, rich vegetation, and the environment is simply refreshing.

How to Reach Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary from Khajjiar?

The Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is around 13 km away from Khajjiar, from here tourists can either take a local bus or taxi. The best is to take a taxi for a wonderful comfortable journey. Adventure lovers can also a trek from Khajjiar, a wonderful chance to appreciate the beauty the region.

Best Place to Visit in Khajjiar


Khajjiar is one of the best spot for those looking for a peaceful retreat among the breathtaking Himalayan mountain ranges, the breathtaking beauty of the place and dense forests. Whether you are engage in exploring the Khajjiar Lake, the Khajji Nag temple, the Panch Pandav tree, or engage in thrilling activities of the region.

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