Hype Music Festival


The Hype Music Festival usually takes place within its current vicinity or nearby Kasol, so that the local people are able to watch the event and walk back home easily on foot. So, mostly the Hype Music Festival venue is located within the walking distance, making it convenient for the local people.

What is so special about Hype Music Festival?

Tourists can enjoy variety of music such as trance, indie, electronic, etc. Many artists perform showcasing their talent in a wide range of musical genres. The artists are both the famous ones and emerging ones as well. 

Since the Hype Music Festival is organized in Kasol, it is surrounded by the breathtaking mountain ranges, the charming valley, the green forests, the thick forests and the stunning landscape add to the charm of the music festival. 

The Hype Music Festival also offers cultural experience; people can have an enjoyable time knowning more about the local culture and their traditions. When you visit the festival grounds you can see many food vendors, tourists can enjoy the traditional local food of the region.

If you visit Kasol for the Hype Music Festival, tourists can also engage in many adventure activities like trekking, fishing, nature walks, camping, etc. 

The Hype Music Festival is one of the must attend activities in Kasol, it is a wonderful unique experience for the tourists, you can get closer to nature, know more about music, enjoy a lively vibrant environment, know more about the local culture and traditions. What’s the best part is that the venue is located is Kasol and most within walking distance of the main hub of Kasol.

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Hype Music Festival

When is Hype Music Festival in Kasol Celebrated?

The Hype Music Festival in Kasol is usually celebrated during the summer months; the dates can be in any of the months from April to June. As during these months the weather is pleasant with clear skies, attendees will enjoy to the fullest.

How to Reach the location of Hype Music Festival in Kasol?

You will have to reach Kasol to attend the Hype Music Festival, road are well-connected to Kasol from all the major cities.

Kasol is around 520 kilometers from Delhi, from Delhi you can take a bus to Bhuntar, from Bhuntar, Kasol is only 31 km, from Bhuntar you can take a local bus or taxi to reach.

If you are planning to visit Kasol via flight, the nearest airport is Kullu-Manali airport in Bhuntar, from here the distance to Kasol is 31 km, you can either take a local bus or taxi.

Things to Do in Kasol


Discover the picturesque beauty of Kasol, nestled along the banks of the Parvati River amidst the snow-covered mountains of Himachal Pradesh. Here is a list of some of the exciting activities in Kasol to make your trip truly enjoyable. Here is a list of top things to do:

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