Walk around in Mall Road


Mall Road in Kasauli is one of the important tourist attraction spot; this is in fact the commercial hub of the region and comprises of shops, cafes and restaurants. The Mall Road provides scenic views of the region.

Once you reach Kasauli, it is easily reachable, as it is located in the hub of Kasauli town. The road comprises of shops, cafes, restaurants and old colonial buildings. Tourists can buy woolen clothes, shawls, stalls, mufflers, caps, etc. Some of the old colonial buildings include the Christ Church, Kasauli Club and the Heritage Market.

Things to do in Kasauli

Tourists can engage in buying souvenirs, handmade item, Himachali items and other things to take back home. Some of the best items to buy include the woolen shawls, stalls and handmade items. Tourists can explore the Tibetan Market as well, if they want to buy some traditional Tibetan items to take back home. The items found here are not that expensive.

The cafes and restaurants located here, provides with both local and international cuisines. Visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee or snacks at the café such as thukpa, momos, or traditional Himachali cuisines at one of the restaurants. Also, visit the bakery shops to try some cakes, pastries, cookies, etc. 

In the Mall Road, also the Christ Church Kasauli is located. It was built in the year 1853 during the British era. The church comprises of beautiful architecture of Gothic style with stained glass windows.  

Another important colonial building is the Kasauli club, which represents the old world charm. This place is restricted for entry for the public, but they can at least see the building from outside and admire this wonder, which must have been a glory during its time. 

Tourists in the evening can enjoy a peaceful walk around the Mall Road, or sitting at one of the benches and admiring the sunset, and enjoying the vibrancy of the market. Sitting at one of the benches and simply enjoying the atmosphere around is one of the best activity to have a relaxing experience and yet enjoying the liveliness around. 

A walk around the Mall Road is one of the best experiences; tourists can hope of to engage in all the activities of a peaceful vacation.

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Best Time to Visit Mall Road in Kasauli

The best time to visit Mall Road in Kasauli is during the summer season from March to June and during the autumn season from September to November. These two seasons are the best time to visit Kasauli as the weather is simply pleasant.

How to Reach Mall Road from Kasauli?

Kasauli is well-connected by roads, when you enter Kasauli town, you can easily reach the place by walking, it is in the central location.

Things to Do in Kasauli


Kasauli is a charming hill station offering endless activities to engage in and things to do. If you are a history lover you can simply stroll around the place taking a look at some of the beautiful British era buildings, and if you love nature just walk to some of the scenic views points. Here is a list of some of the best things to do in Kasauli:

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