Gilbert Trail trekking


Gilbert Trail is located in a scenic location in Kasauli. This spot is perfect for adventure lover, nature lover and photographers. Any tourist hoping for some peace and tranquility in their vacation can chose to visit the Gilbert Trail for trekking. The trail is easily reachable, only a few distances away from the hub of Kasauli. To reach the Gilbert Point you can also take a taxi till where the point starts for trekking. Otherwise, if you are planning to walk and go, you can do so as it is well-marked with sign boards. 

Gilbert Trail is one of the most famous spot in Kasauli popular for its scenic beauty, the place is surrounded by beautiful hills of the Himalayas, the serene environment, the green valleys, the mesmerizing meadows, the evergreen forests comprising of pine trees, the wild flowers, the varied species of birds and more.

The trail is famous for beautiful different species of birds, chirping in the area. Tourists can in fact hear the sounds of different birds flying around in the area. The song of different birds you will hear here is really soothing. Thus, this is one of the best spot for bird lovers as well.

The Gilbert trek is for easy to moderate trekkers, so beginners who want to enjoy an adventurous experience, should definitely try trekking here. They will really enjoy trekking here, as the trail starts they will be welcomed by the trees lined up in both sides of the trail, the scenic views of the surrounding landscape and the chirping of the birds. The trek will take around 2 hours to be completed. 

The trail is perfect for photographers, while trekking through the route, they can engage in clicking photos of the surrounding, the views, the unique birds, etc. This is one of the best activity in Kasauli tourist should definitely try visiting this spot for an adventurous experience.

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Best Time to Visit Gilbert Trail in Kasauli

The best time to visit Gilbert Trail is during the moths from March to June and from September to November. As the temperature is perfect for trekking and you won’t feel too hot as well. The trek route is also dry, which makes it perfect for trekking.

How to Reach Gilbert Trail?

Kasauli is well-connected by roads, once you reach Kasauli, tourists can either take a taxi from the hub of Kasauli or chose to walk till there for trekking. Best would be if take a guide for your trekking experience, as they know the routes well.

Things to Do in Kasauli


Kasauli is a charming hill station offering endless activities to engage in and things to do. If you are a history lover you can simply stroll around the place taking a look at some of the beautiful British era buildings, and if you love nature just walk to some of the scenic views points. Here is a list of some of the best things to do in Kasauli:

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