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Things to Do in Spiti Valley

Since Spiti Valley is located in the rugged mountain ranges of Himachal Pradesh, it is one of the best places those who love to explore the rugged beauty of the nature and those who wish to have an adventurous experience. Here are some of the things to do in Spiti Valley:

Trekking in Spiti Valley

Trekking is one of the must-do activity in Spiti Valley, as the region offers high mountains, rocky hills, vast landscape, snow covered mountains, and charming meadows. Although the trek in this region is very challenging, adventure lovers often travel in this region to enjoy a breathtaking and daring experience.
When you opt for a trekking in Spiti Valley, you have to trek through rugged mountain ranges, rocky hills, vast landscape, barren lands, remote villages, deep gorges and glaciers. Trekkers will love trekking in Spiti valley, and have a peaceful time to themselves.

River Rafting in Spiti Valley

River rafting in Spiti Valley is another daring experience for the adventure lovers. The river rafting in Spiti Valley usually takes place in Spiti River, which is considered to be one of the most strong flowing river with challenging rapids and many twists and turns. This activity should be tried by moderate and experienced rafting experts.
The rafting season in Spiti Valley takes place during the months from June to September when the glacier of this river melts, letting adventure seekers enjoy a thrilling ride. The rapids of the Spiti River are divided as Grade 1, Grade II and Grade III.

Mountain Biking in Spiti Valley

Mountain biking is one of the most exciting activities to indulge in Spiti Valley. Mountain biking/cycling lovers will love to ride around to explore the breathtaking beauty of this region and engage in cultural activities as well. It is considered one of the best places to engage in mountain biking because the valley is located in a remote location, the roads are less travelled by vehicles, so tourists can easily ride around to enjoy the beauty of the valleys, the rugged mountain ranges and the challenging trails.

Camping in Spiti Valley

Camping is one of the most exciting activities that every tourists must indulge in while visiting Spiti Valley. It offers complete unique experiences, staying in midst rugged mountain ranges, vast landscape, charming meadows and the enchanting starry night sky.
There are many camping sites available in Spiti, you just have to choose the camping site according to your preference. Some camping sites are located in remote regions, so you can enjoy in a short trek before reaching the camping site. One of the famous camping sites is near the riverside of the Spiti River.

Rock Climbing in Spiti Valley

Another exciting and challenging activity to engage in Spiti Valley is rock climbing. As Spiti Valley is located on the highest mountain ranges and surrounded by the majestic snow covered Himalayan mountain ranges, rocky cliffs, and vast landscape, tourists can engage in rock climbing activities but with the help of experienced guides.
There are many sites available for rock climbing according to the experience of the climbers. For beginners there are also rock climbing sites, which are comparatively low in height and less challenging. Some of the popular spots for rock climbing in Spiti Valley include Dhankar

Wildlife Spotting in Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley is located in the extreme north of Himachal Pradesh. As it is situated in the Himalayan region it is filled with varied species of flora and fauna. For wildlife lovers it is one of the best places for exploring the wild up close.
The wildlife here comprises of the snow leopard, Himalayan ibex, Himalayan sheep, red fox, and Himalayan bear. The snow leopards of this region as the name suggests are most active during the winter season, they come to the lower altitudes in search of their prey. These wild animals are mostly found in this region because they can adapt to the harsh winters.

Exploring Caves in Spiti Valley

Tourists hoping to explore the caves should definitely visit Spiti Valley, as it comprises some of the ancient caves in India, filled with interesting history. Some of these caves have been used by the Buddhist monks to meditate and gain spirituality.
One of the most interesting ancient caves is the Tabo cave located in the Tabo village which dates back to around 10th century. These caves are located in the cliffs are believed to have been used by the Buddhist monks for meditation.

Motor biking in Spiti Valley

Motor biking is another dream activity for most of the adventure lovers in India. It offers motor bike riders a challenging experience to ride through the rugged terrain, barren land, rocky hills, sharp curves, twist and turns and high altitude. Opting for a motor biking trip in Spiti Valley means you will be able to be close to nature, and visit monasteries, remote villages, lakes, valleys, and other important places by your motor bike.
The journey for motor biking usually starts from Manali or Shimla, but in case you don’t want to drive from such long distance, you can take short bike ride tours from Kaza

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